03.11.2016. @ 09:10:05
Dino @ TSO


23.09.2016. @ 09:35:37
Dino's win on New wave festival in Sochi

After more than 10,000 registered singers from around the world and after a few levels of preselection, the organizers of the festival "New Wave" in early April invited 72 of them to join semi-final in Moscow.
16 contestants were selected for celebratory 15th edition of one of the largest festival (176 million viewers - 2. The audience after the Eurovision Song Contest).
Of the three songs that are performed in the finals, Dino was able to offer one of his original songs while the soundtrack was 90% choice of the organizer and the duet 100% dictated song because the evening was dedicated to the famous Russian composer Viktor Drobysh.
At the same time, the organizer of each competitor awarded stylist.
It was mainly an aggravating circumstance for the most experienced performers with their own style because it is supposed to be your personality in someone else's skin and the organizers got their vision of production of the show  and got quite a tough stance.
Rehearsals lasted 11 grueling days on which all the performers were present from 11 am to 9 pm.
The mere production of the festival was very high - technology, people and organizations.
The first competition day was opened by Ricky Martin and draw broughtDino the fifth starting position with the song (soundtrack) "Always" by Bon Jovi. From 13 members of the jury, Dino got 9x11 and 4 x 10 points as it placed him to 4th position while only Ukraine's Galina (with the song "Freedom" by Aretha Franklin) received all 13 x 11 points.
There was an evening of duets in which Dino sang with Ivan, this year's Eurovision representative of Belarus and his song "How to Fly". Ivan came to Sochi late afternoon so he and Dino had the opportunity to try out the song just twice. That's why, during their performance, Dino adjusted his vocal in several occasions to get the most of the songs. The performance brought Dino maximum 143 points which also received Galina. Dino is thus raised to the third place, but still 4 points behind the Ukrainian girl, but only one point behind the Italian Walter Ricci.
Third decisive day, when they sang original songs, Dino showed all his talent, not only singing, but it was the only performer who wrote the music and lyrics for his song, but also did arrangement, keyboards and backing vocals .
Although he sang as No. 3 of the day, Dino is only given maximum points, surpassing Galina (which received 5 X10 points) and tying up with the Italian with whom he eventually shared the first place.
The jury consisted of famous Russian composers and singers.
On the last day of the festival, the program was opened by Sting and his band, and Dino, as the winner of the festival, shared the stage with him and thus achieved one of his childhood dreams.
The media have occupied Dino for hours, followed him to the hotel, while people stopped him on the street and at the airport for a signature and a picture with a desire for return to Russia.
Already in the semi-finals in Moscow, Dino and great soul / jazz singer and pianist Walter Ricci became friends, and during his stay in Sochi, in the little free time, sat at the piano in the hotel lounge and played piano improvisations and vocal duets through songs by Elton John, George Michael, Gino Vannellija, Phil Collins .... entertaining the rest of society that occasionally jacked and day by day becoming more compact and more relaxed.
If someone else were to be mentioned, there is Moldovan singer from quintet Brio Sonores - Valeriu, a extremely kind and positive man, Christian, guy from Estonia with whom Dino talked about the world rock scene and the Ukrainian Anastasia, Dino's absolute favorite since the beginning of this festival.
The organizers have organized several events, so that the order of contestants for the second night determined dolphins ball selection, event with opening of Walk of Fame in Sochi where the first set of stars is with the names of the participants, so that now the name of Dino - Croatia is forever imprinted in this beautiful Olympic city.
On the waterfront next to the marina is also set a bronze plate made of elements that each participant made and submitted.
Single performance, but even more the win, opened a huge market of Russia and neighboring countries for Dino, established contacts with their best composers and famous singers, and, when everything will sattle down and pass exams at the Academy of Music, Dino's management will start  talks, agreements and planning.
Father: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wyVF0jA_Gs
Always: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4By8uWM5Zg
Help you fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8XDGDgEleI

17.08.2016. @ 06:55:15


28.01.2015. @ 13:38:13
Free album download!


11.06.2014. @ 09:55:34
Dino's interview in T-portal


12.05.2014. @ 07:26:23
Mega bikers party @ Slavonski brod


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06.02.2014. @ 07:00:05
Dino live @ Metropolis


18.11.2013. @ 11:27:26
Grad heroja (City of heroes)

My new song dedicated to Vukovar - city destroyed in Croatian - Serbian war 1991.


19.09.2013. @ 06:19:53
New song is out!


18.09.2013. @ 11:34:28
Radio promotion of new song (Croatian version)


15.04.2013. @ 05:17:08
Rock for Ritz

The concert is organized by Graphiuc high school in Zagreb and except Dino and his band there will be 5 young talented bands performing.

14.04.2013. @ 10:13:02
Site works again, hell yeah

Site works again, hell yeah

07.08.2012. @ 11:32:01
Dino is flying to Republic of South Africa

27.02.2012. @ 06:57:10
Winn on War of bands @ MC Easy Riders

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09.10.2011. @ 22:06:00
New drummer in band!

08.10.2011. @ 23:27:51
Tnx to Greg the drummer!

07.08.2011. @ 07:48:51
New album released! And it's on iTunes

17.07.2011. @ 20:49:35
260 days

01.06.2011. @ 10:39:01
Bon Jovi welcome party

24.03.2011. @ 02:08:07
New single released -Samo za nju

Here you can listen new released song "Samo za nju" from upcoming album

24.03.2011. @ 01:57:26
Concerts going on

We are filling the concert calendar for April and have 3 concerts so far but at the same time a lot of venues are in sight for May, June and July including festivals, bikers parties, clubs...

16.02.2011. @ 09:42:34
Online video clip "Tren" promotion

On Friday 18th February you can join us here on an online video clip promotion. We recorded the video clip during big concert in Boogaloo and some other neighbour location. Hope you will like it!

24.12.2010. @ 00:13:48
Dino's new album preview

Here you can listen to Dino's latest album preview. The album was recorded in New York, Melbourne, Zagreb and Malmo. Producere is Robert Ahrling from Sweden.

20.12.2010. @ 04:27:46
Boogaloo - comeback concert 19th Decembre 2010

Comeback concert in Boogallo behind us. Yeah, that was that! Tnx to my band, my backovalists and great crowd. That was the night to remember!

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30.11.2010. @ 10:42:29
Comeback concert in Boogaloo hall, 19th Decembre

We prepare a show with special guests, video clip recording, full live recording and lot of rock'n'roll. Welcome to all fans and friends. The entrance will be for free. Just make a reservation over web page. Details coming soon.

19.11.2010. @ 12:32:20
JESC in Minsk 2010

Few pct from Minsk - 1st 4 days

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16.11.2010. @ 03:20:38
Dino official Youtube chanel

Dino Official YT's Channel

Dino's videos

16.11.2010. @ 03:16:05
Dino official fan page on Facebook

"Dino official fan page"

New songs, videos, previews...

24.09.2010. @ 10:12:18
My new single

I released my first single from new album. Of course there is also an English version ("RAIN") and it will be released soon. You can listen "TREN" here.

18.09.2010. @ 08:54:07
Lady Gaga on MTV award night

While Lady Gaga's meat-bikini cover on Vogue Homme Japan has been the subject of public outrage especially from animal rights advocate, fans and detractors of the pop star should quell their objection over Lady Gaga's meat dress in MTV Video Music Awards.
The meat covering Lady Gaga from head-to-toe (plus a "meat purse") is apparently made of fabric.

Credit goes to fashion designer Franc Fernandez for making a "meat dress" as well as a "meat purse" that is anything but meat. Lady Gaga wore it as she collected a Moon Man for winning the much-coveted Video of the Year for Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga posted a record-breaking thirteen nominations, and went home with the second highest number of wins in the history of the video music awards. 

"Thank you so much. I was so nervous for tonight that I would let my fans down. I love you so much,"Lady Gaga said in her acceptance speech. "I promised if I'd won this tonight I'd announce the name of my new record. It's called Born This Way."

But Lady Gaga's dress seem to have gotten all the attention, and fans should know that the pop star did not wear just for the sake of outrageousness. The Twitter Queen wants to draw attention to fighting for "our rights."

"Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgement-free human being on the earth," Lady Gaga told Ellen DeGeneres on her show.

"However, it has many interpretations. For me this evening, if we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights pretty soon, we're going to have as much rights as the meat on own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat."

Here are the winners in the MTV VMA Awards:

Collaboration: Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, Telephone
Female Video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Male Video: Eminem, Not Afraid
Hip-hop Video: Eminem, Not Afraid 
New Artist: Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, Baby
Pop Video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Rock Video: 30 Seconds to Mars, Kings and Queens
Dance Music Video: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Art Direction: Florence + the Machine, Dog Days Are Over
Choreography: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Cinematography: Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind
Direction: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Editing: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
Special Effects: Muse, Uprising
Breakthrough Video: The Black Keys, Tighten Up
Video Of The Year: Lady Gaga, Bad Romance 

18.09.2010. @ 06:36:18
Kotoriba, the comeback concert

Even the hard rain hasn't stoped Dino and his band to rock the stage this Friday night in Kotoriba, small city in north Croatia. They rocked the stage with combination of Dino's new songs, old hits and rock covers which included "Sweet child of mine", "Walk this way" & "Sharp dressed man".

That wasn't enough for wet audience so Dino came back to play 3 more songs and extended his performance from planed 45 min to more then 1:15. Great performance for comeback

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24.08.2010. @ 06:52:14
Dino recoding new single "Rain"

Dino went to studio to record vocals and back vocals for new sngle "Rain" that will be released begining of September.

24.08.2010. @ 06:30:08
DINO out of all contracts

15 July 2010, DINO is out of record label and management contracts

18.02.2010. @ 01:53:10
Lady GaGa dominated this year's BRIT Awards

First, she picked up International Breakthrough Act, beating , , and . She cried when collecting the award, "I love my fans, thank you my fans in the UK. I can't tell you how much this means to me."

During the acceptance speech, she also mentioned Alexander McQueen who passed away last week. That was the second time she gave a shot out to her designer friend. Earlier that evening, she paid tribute to him when performing a medley of her acoustic songs.

After a video message from Prince Harry, GaGa was once again called out to come onto the stage for her second gong. This time around, she received International Female Solo Artist, winning over , , and . "Thank you so much, thank you," this singer told the crowd. "I am so honored to have these awards." Taking a china cup of tea, she even included her rumored boyfriend Matthew Williams in her thank-you list.

Her third award, International Album, was announced by fellow singer at that evening. In this category, she pushed aside the likes of , , Empire of the Sun and Animal Collective. "You know, I was really excited to win the first two awards but this means even more to be because I worked so hard on it [''] for so long," emotional GaGa said. After a brief pause, she added, "My fans were the first to support me."

Another act who managed to walk home with multiple prizes was . This boyband bagged two coveted awards; British Breakthrough Act and British Single. "We never ever thought this would happen, this is beyond our wildest dreams," Ortise Williams said on-stage when picking up their first prize.

When the band who finished second on "" season 5 took the stage to receive their second nod, Marvin Humes thanked the talent show's judge Simon Cowell. "Thank you to Mr. Simon Cowell, thank you Simon. Without you none of this would be possible," he stated.

, Jay-Z, , and also snatched one award. Furthermore, were honored with BRITs Hits 30 for their 1997 performance "Wannabe" / "Who Do You Think You Are" and got BRITs Album of 30 Years, thanks to their album "". Special honoree, meanwhile, was who was recognized for his Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Full winner list of 2010 BRIT Awards:

18.02.2010. @ 01:27:02
High school musical - "Phantom of the opera"

Dino is preparing his role in musical "Phantom of the opera" where he will attend together with his sister and colleagues from 8th gymnasium in Zagreb

20.02.2009. @ 03:13:17
Dino - the guest in one high school in Zagreb

Dino was invited as a special guest and member of jury for an internal song competition. It was realy fun to be there. After the competition, Dino sang 2 songs (and the whole crowd with him) and went through school to see different workshops as well as to meet interesting things produced by the students of the school.

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20.02.2009. @ 02:00:36
Humanitarian concert and artistic show for our friend Darko Ban

Since he was a baby, Darko sufferd from back problems and got over 20 operations in his 18 years of hard life. He is finishing high school from his bed while teachers are comming to work with him every day. We know Darko for 3 years and will try help him any time we can to make his hard life a little better.

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02.06.2008. @ 03:02:43
Dino with band on bycicle party

They performed 5 songs (2 new and 3 old songs). It was great and the band did a great job.

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26.05.2008. @ 22:14:14
Dino & band Live in Arena

Link to CMC live performance from Arena, Pula.

15.05.2008. @ 06:33:57
New video clip

Link to new video clip for song "Malena". How do you like it? Please put your comments on Dino's forum Tnx.

05.05.2008. @ 03:09:26
Making video for Malena

In gallery you can see some pct from video recording for song Malena

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05.05.2008. @ 03:08:25
Introducing Dino's band

In new gallery you can see all members of Dino's band.

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27.04.2008. @ 11:34:59
Dino is making new video

The new video for song "Malena"  will come out next week.

01.04.2008. @ 09:06:31
New song recorded

Finaly, I recorded a new song "Malena" and waiting for an English version recording. With this song I will take part on big CMC festival that will lat for 1,5 months on 110 radio stations.

25.10.2007. @ 08:29:17
Dino is travelling to Denmark

In organisation of his school, 8th Gimnasium, Dino will travel to Denmark on Friday, 26 October, 2007 and will spend 10 days there. This visit is organised withing the exchange of students between Gimnasium "Tituš Brezovački" and one Danish High School. Dino and the school band will perform a couple of songs there and will be working on the preparation of the musical with their Danish colleagues. This musical will be performed in March, 2008, when Danish student will visit Croatia.

29.05.2007. @ 11:27:19
Humanitarian gesture of George Michael

George Michael, who bought John Lenon's piano where he composed his hit "Imagine"couple years ago, donated it to the Universiyt Virginia Tech. He hopes this present will promotepeace within the campus where 33 persons were murdered in April this year.

His spokesman confirmed donation and aded that "George wants to imagine the world in peace from the bottom of his heart"..

29.05.2007. @ 11:24:19
Lindsay Lohan in new film

In one of the most ecpected trilers this year "I Know Who Killed Me", recorded during her biggest skandals, Lindsay Lohan showed us all of her talents.

In the role of the girl kidnnaped by the serail murderer, Lindsay repeated her speciality: double roles.

20-years old singer and actress said that she recorded her first sexy scene, and not far from that moment, video with her dancing skills came to internet.

"I know Who Killed Me" will comew to cinema this summer. Besides Lindsay, Julia Ormon has the main role.

29.05.2007. @ 11:15:11
Madonna appologise to Kevin Costner

In dokumentary film which followed her tour Blond Ambition 1990, the meeting of two celebrities in backstage after one of the concerts  has been shown. After Kevin turned back, Madonna put the finger in her throuat shownig that she would like to throw out.

WHen actor saw her reaction, he admitted he was "ashamed" and "humiliated".

But, more then 10 years after the incident, Madonna appolgized to Costneru who came to her concert with his dauughter.

"I went to concert with my daughter three or four years ago. I bought tickets  and went ther. After three sonds, the light turned off and Madonna said: 'I would like to appologize to somebody. I want to appologize to  Kevinu Costneru" said Costner for Los Angeles Time.

"98% of audience didn't know what is she talking about. But, I really appreciate that" actor concluded.

16.05.2007. @ 14:26:19
Norah Jones will open FIlm Festival in Cannes

French town Cannes will become the center of the whole film industry from 16-27 May, 2007. People from the film industry, fans and autograph hunters will come to the most famous and well known film festival.

The first International film festival in Cannes was held in September, 1939, and there was a break durng the Second World War. The award Golden Palm was introduced in 1955.

Cannes film festival finally get its status of the most important word film event in sixtees.

Beside 21 film which is in the competition for the Golden Palm, documentary film with political pretensions "Sicko" of Michael Moore will be shown to the public as well as films "Ocean's Thirteen" of Steven Soderberg and "A Mighty Heart" of Michael Winterbottom.

02.04.2007. @ 16:48:47
Dino & Lorena - Easter Humanitarian action for association

On Saturday, 31 March, assotiation of parents of chldren with damges of eyes as well as with other psycho-motoric problems, have organised humanitarian sale of Easter souvenirs.Dino and Lorena participated in this action. A lot of famous Croatian people, singers, actor and hosts participated in thi s action. We do hope that the means gained on Saturday will put the smile on faces of children who didn't have chance to have happy and careless childhood.

More info about this association and action on www.udruga-oko.hr

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26.03.2007. @ 08:50:20
Concerts in Croatia in 2007

Zucchero, Korn and Norah Jones joined to the list of music names that should visit Croatia this year.
Italian cant-autor Zucchero should have performed in February in Zagreb but it was cancelled. New date and place is already determined: it will be "Šalata" in Zagreb, on 5 June.

Zucchero is comming to Croatia within his world tour where he will present his new album Fly. He will bring his whole production. The price of the tickets will be 200 ans 220 kunas. Tickest have been sold from 1 March.

''The price for the open-air concert of the biggest heavy-metal attraction Korn will be 250 kunas. They will lso perform on Šalata, on 3 July; on 4 July, Kaiser Chiefs will play on the same stage.

The most attractive name that will paly in our country is Norah Jones. Her concert is confirmed for 10 August in Arena in Pula.

The list has not been finnished yet. Robert Plant, ex singer of the popular band Led Zeppelin, will probably perform with his band on 13 July in Split.

Day after, on 14. July, performance of Joe Cocker is planned in Split, and on 10 November in zagreb.

the date of the Whitesnakes concert will be known in April. It will be held in Osijek. In the other hand, we are still not sure whether Julio Iglesias will sing in Croatia; it seems that his priice is too high.

26.03.2007. @ 08:42:03
Franz Ferdinand is working on their third album

Franz Ferdinand refused all invitations to festivals this summer, except the one in Bonnaro in Tennessee because they don't want ot play just their old songs.

"We will not perfom on Briz'ttish festivals. We don't want to play until we will makea buch of new songs. We don't see the sense in playing old songs all the time. We would like to prepare something exciting, says the frontmen Alex Kapranos.

Bend is currently working on their third album; there will be some schanges imn production - guitars will be replaced by synths.

"We want ot be maximally pop. Instead of electric guitars, we will play on synths. Anyway, there are currently, too many guitar bands"says guitarist Nick McCarthy.

06.03.2007. @ 10:17:54
Coldplay - new album

"We have one new song on our new album and we think everyone should listen to it. If not, we will be very sad because we think this song is really special" says Chris Martin, Coldplay's frontmen.

He and his bend are currently on the tour in South America and they have been preparing themselves for studio and their fourth album.

London rokckers have announced some changes in their musical image, but we haven't notice them on their last album X&Y, released two years ago.

As per Martin, this time we will listen to them in completely new edition. Their position in the world of music is currently strong and stabile enough so they can experiment with new sounds.

23.02.2007. @ 11:35:34
Gun's and Roses together again

After turbulent ninetees, Axl Rose realized that he cannot live without his first and real things - music and his band. The drummer, Steve Adler, who left the band in 1990, did the same.

"I saw Axlom and we were talking from 10 p.m. till 8 a.m. We resolved all important things. I told him, everythind will start again when 5 of us will gather again. There will be nothing bigger then that, it will be the biggest gathering in the world ever," Steve says. 

They started to play togerther, and we can just wait their new songs, new hits.

20.02.2007. @ 01:54:52
New picture gallery

Dino performed on traditional Samobor maskenbal. In front of few hundred guests covered with different masks, Dino made a 1 hour performance together with Lorena who joined him in 2 duets and sangs solo in 6 songs.

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19.02.2007. @ 11:49:30
End of Bon Jovi?

First, she grabbed her best friend's (Heather Locklear's) husband and now she eants to spearate him from his colleagues from the band.

Richie Sambora, meritorious for mayn hitsof Bon Jovi, completely lost his head for Denise Richards and has sharpen relationships with his, some time ago, best friend and frontmen of the banda, Jon Bon Jovi.

The stories about bad tenses in the band have culminated few days ago when Denise was supposed to go to the tour with the band. Last year, she had also joined them on the tour "Have a nice day" while she was in the middle of divorce procedure with her ex husband Charlie Sheen. The band find themselves in the circle of media circus.

"Jon doesn't like Denise. She takes attention to herself. There is to much attention of the media when she is there and Jon finds her as a very difficult person. He also doesn't like Richie when he is with her", confidential sources say.

15.02.2007. @ 18:35:45
Come back tour for "The Police"

Fans of the Brittish band Police had the opportunity to see them playing on Sunday, when the guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland use to play song "Roxanne" on the ceremony of Grammy Awards.

On the occassion of the 30th anniverssary od the band, they announced the world tour which will start in Vancouveru on May, 28. Aftre that, they will perform in USA, and in Europe and then they will have concerts in South America, Japan, Australia and New Zeland.

15.02.2007. @ 12:25:59
Concert of the band Genesis - free of charge

Summer, come-back tour of the band Genesis who gained together after 15 years will end on 14 Juy in Rome, with teh big concert for 400.000 fans who will come to Circo Massimo.
Phil Collins and the Co. decided to perform that concert as a gift to their fans with the hope that it will be their biggest concert ever. Big concert events, like Live8 concert, have already taken place on this racetrack.
Due to this event, the band has already changed the dates of the concerts in Austria and Czeck Republic: concert in Linzu on Gugglestadiumu will be held on June 19, while the one in Czeck Republic, on Strahovo stadion inPrague will be held on June 20.
The tour Turn it On Again will start on June 11, in Helsinki, and is scheduled in 12 countries, with more then 800 000 tickets sold until today.

08.02.2007. @ 08:48:53
Norah achieved new records

Up to the information of Amazona, album got the title of most ordered even before is has been in the sale. EMI is very happy about that especially because it will compensate losses gained with the album Rudebox of Robbie Wiliams.

The album is on the top of the music charts in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland as well as on the Brittish Amazon.

After Come Away With Me from 2002, Norah release in 2004 a kind of continuation named Feels Like Home. She is the author of Not Too Late which has been announced as her best album until now.

08.02.2007. @ 08:39:33
To whom belongs the apple?

Apple Corps sued Apple Inc. until the Court hasn't established in May 2006 that this clain has no sense because consumers will recognise the difference between characteristic products and services (i.e. music and PC-s)

By new agreement, two companies finally decided to end spending of millions so the handed all rights for usage of apple to inofrmatic people and they would do some exceptions and return the apple to musicians for the "continuation of usage".

"We like Beatles and it is great that we have resloved that in positive manner to avoid potential disputes and controverses in the future" says Steve Jobs.

08.02.2007. @ 08:31:10
Robbie becomes swinger

Although he earns unbelievable money, Robbie Williams actually live on his old glory. Chiefs of his record company EMI are not satisfied with the sale of his album "Rudebox". They expected much more from it. They gave Robbie last chance to do something, so he will try again to follow his idol Frank Sinatra.

"Rudebox haven't achieved thesale of Robbies previous albuma and a lot of people worry about it. Swing album is in the phase of preparation and Robbies chiefs want in in CD shops as soon as possible."

Until then, Robbie sing in Las Vegas his hits from Swing When You're Winning from 2001. where he was singing new version of old hits.

29.01.2007. @ 12:19:37
New album of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson will release his new album alone, without publishing company support. Anyway, he still has the support of his coleagues. The king of pop and Will i.am joined together to give life to his carrier.

"We were in Ireland and made music which will emotionally influence people, with rythms for dance", says Will i.am, who is also the one who made dance euphoria of Pussycat Dolls and Justin Timberlake.

It seems that Jacksons album will not be on sale in CD shops, but only on download.

"Michael is probably the only singer who doesn't need publisher – he can do everything through on-line communities."

29.01.2007. @ 12:07:18
The Rolling Stones earned the most in 2006

Forbes magazine has publishe dthe list of musicians according to criteria of their profit from tickets for the concerts, albums or digital sale.

The Rolling Stones are on the top. Thanks to the tour "Bigger Bang"which had brought them 70,4 million phounds from the total of 76,5 million.

The second are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, with 67,1 million in 2006, while the third is Rascal Flatts, with 56,1 million phounds.

Madonna is fourth position (49,1 million), then Barbata Streisand with 48 million.

Also, ex husband of Renée Zellweger, Kenny Chesney, earned 46 million, and Celine Dion, who sing in Las Vegas for awhile for 43,3 million phounds.

The conclusion is that musicians who had tours earned a lot of money, while the income from albums is not that big.

29.01.2007. @ 11:47:54
Dino in "Meet the Robinsons"

Dino will give his voice in one more film from Walt Dysney Production! It is the film "Meet the Robinsons" where Dino will give his voice to main character, Wilbour.

This film will arrrive in Croatian cinemas soon! We hope you will like it!

23.01.2007. @ 10:53:02
Travis are the ones who made Coldplay

When Chris Martin presented new single of Travis, he said that they are the reason why Coldplay plays the music we know and we love.

Aftre he said so many nice things about arogant Lily Allen, Martin did the same and said nice words for Travis:

"We will end with unbelievable exclusivity, we are so priviledged to put this here, to listen new single of Travis, the band who "imagined" my bend as well as many others."

Frontman of Travis,0 Fran Healy, was very much surprised with such an announce as well as flattered with it, so he added:

"I thought listeners would be able to listen to it on Sunday, but in any case, it was nice surprise."

23.01.2007. @ 07:07:53
Robbies will take his clothes off for Elton?

Robbie Williams has promised to make "hot" atmosphere on the concert which will be held on the occassion of 60th birthday of his colleague Elton John. He will dance and take his clothes off in the rythm of "You can leave your hat on". That will be his special gift to Elton.

Concert will take place in Maddison Square Garden in New York and will host many famous friends, WIlliams will be among them. Despite the glory he enjoys in Europe, he cannot "enter" USA. We are not sure whether this is the reason why he decided to show everything he has in his performance.

"Robbie knows that it will be difficult ot prepare something better then this. We will see what Elton will prepare for Robbies birthday next month" commented Eltons and Robbies friends.

22.01.2007. @ 07:29:28
James Blun moved to Switzerland

 Although his hit "You're beautiful" was in top three in music charts in 25 countries and his album "Back to Bedlam"was sold in several million of copies, some radios had to say "no" to his music.
It seems everything went wrong since then; his relationship with model Petra Nemcova does't go smoothly, so they are together for awhie, and they are not.

The only thing that is certain are the millions on his bank account which enables him to moved out to luxury Verbier in Swis Alps. Like his music colleagues Phil Collins and Johnny Hallday, he decided to declare his residence in Switzerland in order to avoid high taxes in his country.

18.01.2007. @ 09:56:06
Brittish Awards


, sumer hit of Lily Allen refreshed Brittish music scene, so Chris Martin had many nice word for her music and attitude. She is the candidate for four awards on this years Brit Awards.

The best local album will be chosen from the albums of Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Muse and Snow Patrol. In the category of the best young musician, Lily will "fight" with Corinne Baily Rae and Kooks, whice in the category of the best female singer she will compete with Jamelia besides the above mentioned. 

Competition for the best single is also very importenat. In this category we have Patience (Take that) and Christmass number 1, A Moment Like This by Leone Lewis as well as Allright, still. There are 11 nominees,and top 5 will be selected by listeners of Brittish radio.

In "heavy", male category we have to mention Thom Yorke, Jarvis Cocker, James Morrison and Paolo Nuttini, while Robbie Williams is the candidate for the best live performance together with George Michael and Muse.

BEst bands are Monekys, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Muse and Kasabian.

On 'international' scene there are Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake. In female competition, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have the best chances, while bands Gnarls Barkley, RHCP and Killers are best positioned.

Winners will be known at 14 February, on the ceremony of Brittish Awards.

17.01.2007. @ 11:48:05
News on Madonna's album

It seems that Confessions were made very quickly, but it seems that Madonna wanted to release it before Britney's remix "comeback"album, will be on the market. .

We still have the picture of 48 years old singer dancing in the rythm of "Hung up", the producer and Madonna  have promised that there will be a lot of style changes at the end of 2007.

"We had worked with some of currently leading producents" says Price, but he didn't want to discover their names, but it seems that it migt be Timbalandu and Pharell Williams, excellent in r'n'b.

Anyway, before release of new album, Madonna has been preparing herself for live-edition of her London concert on 29 January, 2007.

04.01.2007. @ 12:20:32
Buy Whitney Houston's things!

Auction which should be held next week will be the last obstacle in Whitney Houston's come back to normal life after 14 years of turbulent years with Bobby Brown and dependance of drugs.

Some music awards will be offered on the auction too as well as the big piano which has the value of almost 400.000 dollars, drumms but also Whitney'a panties, Dolce&Gabbana bra's and the costumes from the tour from 1999.

Because of the debts to company Speed of Sound which had organised her tour, Whitney ended in the court in May last year. The total debt is c/a 200.000 dollara, and the rest will be given to Whitney. SHe had similar problems last year when she was almost forced to sell her 6 million dollars worth house in New Jersey.

03.01.2007. @ 10:33:00
George Michael - The most expensive performance ever

George Michael performed in front of 300 guests on private party held twenty kilometres far from Moscow. It seems that tis is the biggest compensation for the singing performance ever.

The singer and his company came to Moscow by private plane, and although they had good time, they left for London already tomorrow morning.

It seems that the host rearranger his own sports hall in night club for only one night.

Fourty three years old Michael had free concert for nurses, and it seems that he got paid for everything in Moscow. Until his performance, the biggest honorarium was paid to Christina Aguilera when she sang three songs in Russia for one million phounds.

03.01.2007. @ 09:47:00
Sting and The Police together again

With their frontmen Sting, who has very successful solo carrier, the bend plans to have mini-tour and a lot of concerts.

Precise dates of performances will be known until the end of this month.

The bens was founded in seventees. Beside Sting, there are two more members: Andy Summers on guitar and Stewart Copeland on drumms.

Their music were influenced by reggae and punk-rock, and they were one of the most popular bends in the world in eightees.

After their decision not to exist as bend they remain popular with their great hits such as Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Every Breath You Take and others.

They were last time together on the tour in 1984; after that tour, Sting started his own, very sucessful solo carrier.

27.12.2006. @ 12:33:19
New Year decisions of Robbie Williams

Although he is smoking 60 cigarettes a day, he will give new chance to his voice and lungs from 1st January, 2007:

"However, I am a fat guy captured in thic body, so I will stop smoking and became even bigger from that."

In the moment of self-pitiful he concluded that he is not welcome in Great Britain any more, so he decided to move to Los Angeles.

So, even if he will do that, we cannot hope to have his children here because he decided to be the only one. He is even not interested in relation ships.

"What is the sense of having children?I can't guarantee to my child that he weill not experience pain, and I don't wan't to look that. That will be too much".

The 32 years old singer use to suffer from depressions, but the following statement is the top of spiritless:
"There's no country in which I want to succeed, stadion on which I want ot sing, either the film in which I would like to act "

27.12.2006. @ 12:27:47
Green Day has stolen something from Oasis?

Although he can't stand them for awhile, Noel Gallgher went crazy when he has listened the hit of the Green Dayj from 2005, Boulevard of Broken dreams.

"If you will listen to it carefully. you will notice the same arrangement as the one in Wonderwall", Noel insists, adding that Green Day cannot be cool.

"They could have been that polait and wait for me to die", he concluded.

27.12.2006. @ 12:21:08
George Michael sang for nurses

Unusual event was announced two months ago, and the singer organised it in order to express his gratitude to nurses who use to look after his mother who had recently past away.
"The nurses who have helped me and my family are unbelieve people. I became aware how extraordinary they are, as well as how underestimaed they are..." he wrote on his web page. 

27.12.2006. @ 12:14:25
The most expensive album of Beatles

The initaial price of the album was 25.000 dollars.

It is the album Meet the Beatles, the first one released for American market for discograph company Capital Records.

Album was sold to unknown buyer at on-line auction of the company ItsOnlyRockNRoll.com, whose president Mark Zakarin believes that the achieved price of 115.228,82 dollars is the highest one achieved on a public sale for some signed album of the Beatles.

27.12.2006. @ 12:06:44
Madonna behind camera for the first time

Paret past away in 1962 aftre the match with Griffith and that story was interesting to american public for years.

Madonna+s company Maverick Entertainment stands for this Project. The queen of the pop will be behind the camera for the first time for sure, but it is still unknown whether she will act in the film, or who else will be engaged.

Until now, she got bad critics for her movies, except for the role of Evita Peron in the film Evita - she was nominated for Golden Globe for that role.

15.12.2006. @ 12:29:24
Concert for Lady Di - sold!

In the honor of their mother who died in traffic accident 10 yeas ago,William and harry decided to prepare the concert where all DIana'a favourite musicians would pefrorm.  Although they don't want to announce names of performers, Elthon John, Duran Duran, Brian Ferry, Joss Stone as well as the famous composed Andrew Lloyd Webber and English Nationaln Balet will perform the part of their repertoire.

"We feel that the mass is notenough. We wanted to make big concert full of positive energy. We know she would like to have that.Besides, it is her birthday, she has to get zthe best present until now", said princ William.

"If it will work, it will be great. If not, we will run away from the country" Harry added with laugh.

Although the first part of tickets is already sold, after New Year new round of tickets will be on the market. The price is 45 phounds and the income of the concert will be given to charity organisations.

11.12.2006. @ 12:04:18
Pink - the friend of animals

She is vegetarian for a long time and she had prepared petition against Kentucky Fried Chicken in which she want ot warn public that 850 million birds die for the food purposes only in USA, and they were treated in such a manner that everybody would loose appetite.jedenja mesa, a tretirane su na način od kojeg bi svaka osoba izgubila tek.

Pink has four dogs and two rats (she saved them from death) and she wants to make shelter for pigs, especially for the ones meant to human consumption.


Pink has never missed the opportunity to defend animals, even if it means giving up of some performances and important events like birthday party of future English king. When she found out princ William has hunting as a hobby, she refused to perform at the party for his 21st birthday.

She participated in all debates dealing with animals rights since she was a little girl. She considers that every person should know everything about terror which animals are passing through while we use them in evolution of nutrition or cosmetics products.
Although she cannot say she never wear fur, she thinks it was selfish phase in her life and that she became wiser so she doesn't do that any more.

11.12.2006. @ 11:39:01
James Blunt is engaged

Speculations that the model said yes to famous British pop singer have appeared after 27 years old Petra has been seen with diamant ring during recording commercial for Hewlett Packard in New York last week.

Spokesman of Petra and James rejected to comment those roumers. They are togethre since June this year, and one month ago there was a roumer thay broke up because she got enough of his flirting all around.

11.12.2006. @ 11:24:47
Yoko Ono can't forgive

"As the widow of somebody who died by violent death, I am not sure that I can forgive somebody who had fired the gun" she added.

Mark Chapman, insane Beatles fan, who murdered Lennona on 8th December, 1980 in front of his appartment in New Yorku is in prison; his request to be temorarily free has been rejected for the fourth time.

08.12.2006. @ 16:31:42
The most popular perfomers

Informations about popularity of certain bend or solo-perofrmer have been taken from the analyses of American and Brittish top charts. The rest of the world is very rearly included in such analyses.

Tastes are different, so as the music taste. Although musicians from Great Britain and USA are the most important ones on music scene, they don't have the same success like on the local markets.

Website "the Social Music Revolution", that wants to create leading wolrd music platform, offers overview of the top charts with the informations collected all over the world.

Thanks to the vistors of this site, they get to know a lot of musical preferences of the Asian, Australian and South America's citizens.

So, they have the information that the song which was most often on the radio stations in Iraq is Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash.

Nirvana is on the top in Afganistan with the song Come As You Are.

The favourite song in Libanon is Pink Floyd's hit Coming Back to Life.

Coldplay probably has the biggest crowd in the world. Thier song Clocks is extremely popular in China.

The Beatles are the most listened bend in Japan as well as in Argentina.

Radiohead governs radio stations in France, while Germans adore Red Hot Chili Peppers.

At the end, Snow Patrol and their song Chasing Cars are leading in Australia.

08.12.2006. @ 15:31:10
The worst performers in history of music

Detroit band "Insane Clown Posse" came first out of 50 worst. They are rap-rockers, well known for quarreling with Eminemom, described as "the bend that sounds even dummer then it looks like". The second are  Emerson, Lake & Palmer, while the third is Michael Bolton with his power ballads.

Vanilla Ice deserved 8th position with his appearance and with his greatest hit "Ice baby" from 1990 as well as with his unsuccessful come back at the end of ninethees.

How many of Jackson family members you know? Beside Michael and Janet, Latoya wanted to be famous. Her famous origin enabled her to record the album, and album helped her to realise that music is not her life path. She tried to keep herself on the scene with sex scandals, but it couldn't helped her.

Tin Maschine was four members bend of David Bowiea. He tried to show his best side with the bend, but then he realised there's no need for that. 

Mick Jagger tried solo carrier, but, that was wrong. no success. 

Celine Dion is 26th. What to say?She met her manager when she was 12, later on she became his wife. She definitely deserves her position with her songs. Song "My heart will go on" is the one to be most blamed for that.
Legendary bend "The Doors" is also on the list. Morisson's adolescence is quilty for that. A lot of young people became interested for Nietzche, black magic and Indians during they are on University. During the time, they loose that interest. Unfortunatelly, Morrison continued with it. It would never be clear how the list of nonseses said in the song "The End" became popular. 

08.12.2006. @ 08:37:17
Pink Floyd play in the honor of Syd Barret

Syd Barrett was one of the founders of the band Pink Floyd and excellent lyricist, author of their early hits. He joined to this legendary band in the year 1965, but, he left after release of the first album.

He turned to solo carier which was very short. He left musical scene and lived alone in Cambridge. Due to consumption of illegal drugs, he was mentaly destroyed in very short period.

The single dedicated to him will contain three songs. One of them is Arnold Layne which wll have two versions; one will be sang by David Bowie, one  
of the biggest Barrets fans.

'He influenced me very much. I am soory I have never met him. He was my inspiration'',  David said.

Richard Wright will sing the second verion. The third single will be The Madcap Laughs, by Dark Globe.

You will be able to download this single on the Christmass day, while it will be in the shops the day after Christmass. 

02.12.2006. @ 04:09:06
Mateo on 4th JESC

Mateo, we are with you. Dino, Lorena and your fans.

01.12.2006. @ 21:59:48
www.dino.hr - winner of a big survey

Our wish is to continue with development of Dino's site and we are waiting for your suggestions and ideas. Soon we will extend the game area, connect with a professional web shop and expand the server capacity and bandwith to make your surfing faster and easier.

27.11.2006. @ 08:38:36
Everyone is the best in something

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, who use to be present in media because  their dependance of "white thing" use to pay 500 dolars for that passion.

Producer Rodney Jerkins keeps the record in the biggest daily consumption of fast food. During recording his third album Spice Girls, he use to leave 300 dollars in McDonald's.

Big Pun is the heaviest rapper. He had 350 kilograms, and past away from  heart attack.

Rick Nielsen from Cheap Tricka is the owner of the guitar with the biggest number of necks, five of them. 

In 1986, Pete De Freitas started the tour with his band Sex Gods and took big quantities of LSD-a, cocaine and ecstasy and was awake for 18 days.a.

HC Hammer has the biggest company on tours, on the top pf his carrier, in 1990, there was in 1990 40 people. He had the total number of 200 employees and he paid 500.000 monthly for their salaries. He had bankruptcy in 1996.

Seven million dollars is the price of the most expensive video ever - it was the video Scream (Janet and Michael Jackson).

ZZ Top rejected the ofer of one million dollars offerd from Gillete twenty years ago. They rejected to shave their beards with the explanation that tha part under the beard is too agly.

In 2001, John Cage started the concert which will last 639 years; the next note will be played in 2008, while Sid Wilson from Slipknot has jumped in the crowd in 2000 from the height od 10 metars; one fan ended in hospital withconcussion of the brain.

27.11.2006. @ 08:27:54
Take that pay respects to Beatles

In famous studio Abbey Road, the band pays respects to the Beatles by performin their greatest hits, but also some of their own past and future hits which will fo to musics charts already this weekend. 

The "boss" of the band, Gary Barlow was surprised eith their sucess. He said: "We have the possibility to play our music again and it is great to see all those smiling faces from the stage".

Their comeback tour which has been nearly finnished was sold with more then two million tickets, singl Patience is on its way to Brittish no. 1, and their new album Beautiful World is foreseen to be Christmass bestseler.

24.11.2006. @ 08:23:52

Bryan Adams's arrival toCroatia made happy Friends of Animals.

Bryan, well known as a rock-ballads has been vegetarian and fighter for the rights of animals for 17 years.

He can't watch animals captured in small space, so he has been acoiding zoo's and circuses. But, he is very upset because people are taking meat form the shelves in supermarkets withut thinking that sometimes it was alive animal before.

He says his health has been improved since he is vegetarian, he doesn't have any alergy since then and he has a lot more energy then before.

He personally thinks that one of the greatest gifts is to have the possibility tochools whether to eat meat or not, and he is sad he could't make decision about that when he was a child.

Since ninethees he has been actively involved into fight for saving animals.

''If you like animals, don't eat them", says Bryan.

24.11.2006. @ 08:05:09
Michael Jackson doesn't give up

After the failure on World Music Awards, Michael Jackson will try to return his lost glory.

He will perform on Christmass party in Japan in order to celebrate 25th aniverssary of Thriller, album who ensured him the status of the king of pop.

'' l am looking forward to the visit to Japan, to my friends and fans", says Michael.

In statement for media, no one is mentioning his recent failure, broken voice of problems he had caused to organizers.

Concert will be organised for 1600 fans. The price of tickets will be 900 dollars, and those, who would like to meet Michael and talk to him, will have to additionally pay 3400 dollars.

Organizers of the concerta are not affrad of new Michales failure: "He was great last timein Japan, we are sure it will be the same this time."

22.11.2006. @ 11:53:15
George Michael is comming back

George Michael came back. After 15 years of break, he decided to make a tour inBreat Britain as well as to act in populat soap opera.
On the first concert of his tour held in Manchester, Michael sang all hits from his solo-carrier as wellas the greatest hits of the bend Wham. 

His fans were delighted by him, but he was also delighted by them. He couldn't hide his emotions:

''I will be honest. I enjoyed and I am sorry i didn't doit earlier.''

George hopes that his music came back will succeed to erase his recent problems with law. 

But, that is not all.

He will try to work on his popularity by appearing in one of the episodes of the most populat Brittish soap opera Coronation Street.

20.11.2006. @ 09:14:58
Johnny Cash - new video

God's Gonna Cut You, Johnny Cash's song from his last album, will get its video. 36 celebrities will pay respect to famous country singer.

Iggy Pop, Rolling Stonesi, Patti Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppersi, U2 i Justin Timberlake are just some of the celebrities  who will appear in the video of the song God's Gonna Cut You Down from his last album American V: A Hundred Highways.

Johnny past away three years ago from the concequences of diabetes and since then he is in newspapers more often then during his lifetime.

This modest singer use to begin every concert with the same sentence: "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."
Always dressed in black, he was singing about sadness, loneliness, morality and abandonment.

Besides mentioned singers, 30  famous musicians and actors such as Johnny Depp, Dennis Hopper and Chris Rock will give their contribution to the video.

All of them will be dressed in black to pay honour to Cashu.

The video will be available form 21 November on different sites including YouTube.

17.11.2006. @ 08:58:55
Michael Jackson dissapointed crowd

Performance of the ex-king of pop music dissapointed the crowd on World Music Awards. Surrounded with children, Michael Jackson performed We Are The World and got hisses.
As one of the singers who sold the biggest number of albums, Jackson came to London to World Music Awards after a longer period.

"I love you. God gave audience to to my prayers", Jackson said when he was receiving Diamant award for more then 100 million sold albums. After that, he left the stage and surprised crowd.

Aftre some time, he sang "We Are The World" instaead of announced "Thriller".

The same delighted crowd, started to hit the floor with legs and started to whistle when he started to talk about love and gratitute instead of singing. From time to time, his voice was broken, and, at the end, he stopped singing and left the song unfinnished. He backed out from the stage and another singer sang "Thriller".

16.11.2006. @ 08:11:04
Osijek is ready for Bryan Adams

The tickets have ben sold very well, the hall Zrinjevac is shining, while president appartment has been prepared in hotel Osijek as well as the vegetarian menu.

The city mayor is excited too. He would like to see famous singer in person so he organised the lunch on the day of the concert for Adams and for the members of Canadian Embassy.

Canadian singer is strict vegetarian and he is againgt any kind of violence. Some time ago, he refused his song Only The Strong Survive to be used in the film Top Gun, because he things thazt film is supporting war.  He is also against american politics towards Iraq and he participated in London hod against war.

So, if Osijek city mayor would like to impress his guest, he will have to be quiet about many things.

15.11.2006. @ 06:47:56
How to register on chat?!

Chat registration is connected with forum registration and you do it once on forum and you can enter to chat and forum with same username and password.

When you open Dino forum klick on "Registracija".

A new windows opens and you klick on "Slažem se i imam točno/više od 13 godina"

Then a new window comes where you have to fill some data


Korisničko ime: *David                  - your forum name
E-mail adresa: *david@hotmail.com- your e-mail adresa
Zaporka:    (password)                
Potvrdite zaporku: *    (tape password again) 

Potvrdni kod: *   (proof the cod)

Write the cod as you see it in the box. Take care about big and small letters.

All information with * have to be filled, the other as you wish.

When you are loged in forum you can go directly to chat while on place of word "Registracija" there is a "flash chat".

Good chat .

10.11.2006. @ 11:46:23
Genesis on European summer tour

After 15 years Geneses are together again and they will go for the European summer tour. They promised their fans that they will perform different hits from different phases of their work.

Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks will join together again in order to make their fans happy, not for money. 

"It seemed to me this is the righ time to have a tour" says Collins who left the bane in 1996 and started solo carrier. The members of the band  continue with good relationships and remained friends all these years. godina međusobno družili.

The tour named "Turn it on again" will start in Helsinki in June, 2007, and will end in July in Rome. They will have concerts in 12 European cities. Tijekom sedamdesetih i osamdesetih grupa Genesis prodala je više od 130

During seventees, Genesis sold more then 130 million albums.


10.11.2006. @ 11:26:16
Bon Jovi in humanitarian action

Jon Bon Jovi has joined Bobo Vox in his humanitarian mission. While Bono has been saving sick and hungry people, Boj Novi will help the atmosphere. Heis feeling quilty because of using too much hair spray in eightees. 

Namely, during eightees, in the period when they were big stars on the stage, they use to put too much spray in the hair to protect wild hair style.

Twenty years later, Jon fixed the mistake with the hair and now, he will thy to compensate the damage with the hair spray.

"I feel guilty for Cathrina and for its victims because I am also responsible tfor the big hole in atmosphere which ahve caused many dissasters".

06.11.2006. @ 15:19:36
Robbie Williams has appologised to Gallagher brothers

Robbie Wiliams sent the letter with the appologise to Gallagher brothers because of the song "Dickhead" from his new album where he insulted them directly

It seems that Williams, wasn't aware that this song with suggestive name 'Dickhead' will end on his new album 'Rudebox'. That's what he wrote to celebrities from the bend Oasis, Gallagher brothers, and he asked them to forgive him.

However, Noel hasn't shown any interest either for for the song or for his appology, so he replied:

I haven' heard the album  and I don't intend to - but, as I have heard, this song is the best one. I don't mind about Robbie and about what he thinks".  

In the meantime, there are some roumors that Robbie has been preparing cooperation with the bend ABBA. It seems that he is the one who deserves credit for gathering them together.

03.11.2006. @ 20:26:03
Whitney Housteon: I feel great

 After 14 years of marriage with Bobbyjem Brownom and dependance of drugs, Whitney Houston turned new page in her life. She was "shining" on the charity event and anounced hre nre album.

She came to the party on Beverly Hills in the company of her producer Clive Davis.

"I feel great", she said, and Davis added: "we will make extremely good album." 

She is asking for the custody for her 13 years old daughter Bobby Christina in her divorce claim while 37 old Bobby is going to have right to visit her. The couple got married on 1992 when Whitney was on the top of her carrier after getting Grammy for the hit I Will Always Love You.


30.10.2006. @ 19:28:06
New Dino's web site

A new web site, in German language, is launched. On web address www.dino4you.de you can find some interesting things, info and pict. Thanks to authors.

27.10.2006. @ 14:22:28
Real mother of Jackson's children?

Nona Paris Lola Jacskon, so called "mother" appeared at the court in Los Angeles last week, with the claim against Michael Jackson. She wants to get h "her" three children, Prince Michael, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michale II.

As soon as he resloved disputes with his ex wife Debbie Rowe, Jackson će will go to court on 29. November.

Nona says she knows Michael from teenage days and that she had regular sexual relationships with him. Besides, she claims that she is the author of more then 3000 songs!

The fact is that identity of the mother of his third child hasn't been discovered to public, and it seems that Michael couldn't made his mind about it. At firsrt he said to the journalist Martinu Bashiru in one interview that the mother dark-coloured, and, at the end, fair-complexioned.

27.10.2006. @ 11:32:49
Norah Jones - new album

'Gdje je moje mjesto u današnjem problematičnom svijetu?', pitanje je koje je mučilo i mučilo Norah Jones. Pa je sjela i o tome napisala 13 pjesama. Koje će objaviti u siječnju sljedeće godine.
Norah Jones, the one of the most important artists in feminime music in last few years, is comming back with her new album that should be released for the Blue label on 27 January, 2007. The album will be named  Not Too Late.
Album with 13 songs has been announced as her most personal edition until now, where Norah is the author of all songs. All composition have the same question:"What is my position in todays problematic world?"

Norah says that at first she didn't want ot write everything for the album, but: " During my tour, I went to composing groove which have continued when I came home. I like to interpret someone elses songs, but, this is completely different story, I feel this songs much more personal".  osobnije."

Lee Alexander is producer of this album and he helped in final arrangements. Also, he is co-author of some songs.

"I like the positive message of the album, and it is visible form its title. Some of the songs are dark, but the feeling of hope always prevails" says Norah.

27.10.2006. @ 09:39:07
Sting: Today's music is garbage

Ex singer of the band "Police" has diagnosted the state in modern rock-music, saying it is about - stagnation.

"Rock-music doesn't develop, I feel it is boring to me. I would rather listen some composer from 16th century, then something recently released", he said for Die Zeit.

Sting went one step further. In order to prove his dedication to classic music, he rrecently released album with his versions of compositions of  Johna Dowlanda, composer from 16th century.

26.10.2006. @ 21:40:54
Dino and Monster house - in cinema!

From 26 October, take a look at Monster house in Croatia! In this fun horror-comedy three kinds will step to another side of the street to discover the mistery and to try the biggest adventure of theri lives! Dado (DINO), the boy who lives on the oppositte side of Monster house, has a plan. Vesna, new girl in the street, knows how to realise this plan. Gusti, Dado's best friend knows nothing......

Executive producers of this cartoon are film legends Robert Zemeckis (Back to Future, Forrest Gump) and Steven Spielberg (Sharks, Jurassic Park), and director is Gil Kennan. 
This lm is sinchronised to Croatian, and Dino Jelusić, Vlaho Jarak, Rakhan Rhuishaidat, Anja Nigović i Ranko Stojić among others gave thier voices to main characters.

17.10.2006. @ 12:20:07
New album of the band Beatles

It seems that Beatles didn't make everything that could be done in their carrier. Their new album named "Love" will be released in November and their producer describes it as a step forward for Beatles.

Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono and Olive Harrison have asked  Sir Georgea Martin, the legendary producer of the band to make experimental mixes of the recordings of the band with Cirque Du Soleile.

Sir George and his son Giles Martin have worked with the archive of old recordings, and at the end they created new album Love.

The result is unexcpected edition. "It is definitely new musical experience, and as Beatles have always tried to find new manners of musical expression, it will definitely be one step forward for them" Sir George Martin says.

17.10.2006. @ 07:49:29
Madonna's David came to Great Britain

David, one year old boy from Malawi, came to Great Britain. Authorities from Malawi enabled to Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchy, film director, temporary adoption which is not in accordance with the laws of Malawi. Groups for the protection of human rights protested that she has used her status of film star for not respecting common rules of adoption.

Little David, who left his father in Malawi will moved from oraphanage close to the botherline with Zambia to London where he will live with one the most famous couples and their two children. David's mother died one week after Davids birth.

16.10.2006. @ 23:48:32
Wham again!

After twenty years, George Michael and Andrew Ridgley will prepare pop event of the season!

Up to inside information, Michael succedeed to persuade his ex "partner" Ridgley to have a concert in Wembly, London. For that special occassion, their back vocals Pepsi and Shirley will join them.

"George is so happy and can't wait the concert. He was thinking about that for a long time and he finally succeeded to pesuade Ridley" says the misterious source for Contactmusic.

"If Christmass concert will be good, it is possible to have Wham again" George Michael says not long time ago.

16.10.2006. @ 19:12:13
Pink in Croatia

Pink is surrounded with the music; her father use to play guitar so she started her carier when she was 13 - at the beginning as a dancer, then as a back vocal of the local rap band. She started to write her own song s in the age of 14.

However, her character and talen played its role, so she started solo carrier. Six years ago she released the first album Cant Take Me Home and since then she is permanently present on the top of music charts.

Pink was supposed to sing in Croatia in 2004, but her management estimated that Croatia was uncertain concert destination at that time due to cancelled concerts of Lenny Kravitz and Metallica, so the succes of her concert was under the question.

29.09.2006. @ 16:28:43
Robbie Williams will not sing in Asia

The tickets for concerts in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapoure have been already sold. However, as the pop-star is under big pressure and very exhausted, the Asian part of his tour has been canceled.

Ex singer of the band Take That shoud have sang in Shangay, Hong Kongu, Bangkoku, Singapore, Bombay and Bangalore in the period from 4the and 26th November, within the Asian tour.

His spokesman said that the continuation of his tour in China, India and south-east Asia woud be too much for him. As he was touring already from May, he is very exhausted and tired. So, it seems that Asia will wait a little bit more to hear him singing live.

29.09.2006. @ 16:19:02
James Blunt in Priština

Some time ago he was member of KFOR-,and now he is pop-star. James Blunt came to Kosovo to record the documentay film about his time spent in Kosovo as member of KSFOR. He will also sing and play for his coleagues in Priština.

Brittish singer and composer James Blunt (32) became famous with his first album Back to Bedlam and the hit You're Beautiful in 2005. He got many awards for that single.

29.09.2006. @ 16:04:41
Pearl Jam in Zagreb

'This was the best concert on European tour',Eddie Vedder said in Domu sportova. In the meantime, they were on the stage more then two hours and he was speaking Croatian!

Pear Jam gave Zagreb more then two hours of great show full of positive energy and the list of old and new hits. The Dom sportove hall was full of fans and that was really one of the best concerts in zagreb lately.

The stage was very simple with modest light show and boys from Pearl Jam did what they know the best: sing and play. They didn't need any coreography,  the good old Even Flow, Jeremy, Alive or new Life Wasted and World Wide Suicide were sufficent to seduce 8000 people singing olmost all songs with them. 

After 4 songs, Eddie Vedder said:

"Želim nazdraviti Hrvatskoj. Hvala što ste nas pozvali i sretni smo što smo napokon došli u Hrvatsku".
 After the concert splitted in two parts he said:
"This is the almost the last concert on our European tour. And it is well known that the best concert is not the last one, but the one before it. Thank you, you are the part of it. See you next year!"

28.08.2006. @ 15:11:28
Dino in "Monster House"

21.08.2006. @ 14:00:16
Dino signed 1 year contract with Stellar artist

During last 6 - months it was lot of contacts, e-mails and chats between Dino, Dino team and Mr. Michael Hoffman about a possible cooperation. In the end, a 1 year contract was signed. Mr. Mcihael Hoffman is American born classicly educated musician who wrote music for several moovies, conducted with several orchestra in different countries and started to use his classical music expereance in pop / rock / soul managment. We hope and look forward to a successful copoperation with him and his managment. More on www.stellarartist.com

18.07.2006. @ 19:44:11
Whitesnake concert

Everybody around me are whispering something, I try to guess what it is about, but, at the end of the day, I haven't heard anything about the event I was dreamin on. So, my Dad and me were driving towards Ljubljana (after visiting Škocjanske jame and Lipica) and comming to town finally. Dady was talkng about some surprise for someone, this and that, he hardly found parking place…. So we entered one coffee shop and I have noticed that some people have T-shirts with the photo of Metalica, the others have t-shirts with Bon Jovi or Guns photo… So, we were standing on Križanke (which is well known concert place in Ljubljana) near tihe big bus with English plates…. I still don't understand anything. Finally, my Dad gave me the ticket saying: Here is surprise for you. I red the text on the back side of tihe ticket, and didin't get anything at all. Dad said: Common, turn that ticket on the right side! WOW!!!! Whitesnake live! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! 8.30 p.m., we entered the concert hall, some group started to play. At 22.00 –the beginning of the real, hard rock! Coverdale looked like he is 35 years old, everybody were screaming, and the female part of the audience got crazy! Frontman in real sense of that words! And the band! I wish I have such a band! Reb Beach – who is playing guitar in group Winger, the second guitarist Doug Aldrich, latin bas guitarist Uriah, Tommy Aldridge on drumms, and excellent Drury on keyboard! What a package of musicians!!!!They were playing their greatest hits for hour and 15 minutes +  2 - 3 songs while the crowd was screaming. Then everybody left the stage except David who sang legendary «Soldier of Fortune» from Deep purple times. Thanks DC and Company. It was fantastic!

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06.07.2006. @ 10:32:34
James Blunt won the title in the category «The worst album»

George Bush was announced as the «Tyrant of the year». The nomimees were James Blunt and Pete Doherty from the band Babyshambles.

Arctis Monkey were announced as the best new band, the Strokes as tihe best internatonal band, while Franz Ferdinand won the prize as the best live band.

06.07.2006. @ 10:28:55
Kevin Richardson left Backstreet Boys

The reason of his departure has not been described and other members of the band (Brian Littrel, Howei Dorough and AJ McLean) will not search for somebody else to replace him. After the album «Never Gone» from 2005, Backstreet boys will record their new album soon.

04.07.2006. @ 00:26:38
Mateo Djido - winner of 4th Croatia JESC preselection

02.07.2006. @ 08:23:38
3 new galleries - JESC 2006 rehearsals, ZAdar Donat and ZAdar festival

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15.06.2006. @ 10:57:25
Lorena will open and Dino, Nika and Josipa Lisac will perform on 4th Croatian JESC preselection

Lorena will open the 4th Croatian JESC preselection with her last years wining song and Dino, Nika and Mrs. Josipa Lisac, Croatian legendary singer, will perform in 15 minutes show program.

15.06.2006. @ 00:04:57
Dino and Lorena covered with flowers on Knin childrebn festival

Lorena began the show program with 4  dynamic songs and whole audience started to dance. Then she sang her song "Za sve nas"  and got a huge aplause, specialy from adult part of audience. Then she continued with "Rock baby" and "Pepeljuga" where she was joined by Dino. Dino was, of course, powerful in his rock performance and then he sang "My prayer" and dedicated the song to all kids in Knin that lost their parents during the war. Great festival, organisation, sound and audience and 22 performers. CAn't wait for next festival!

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06.06.2006. @ 06:33:52
2 new galeries

Sisak and Cycle party galeries

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02.06.2006. @ 19:22:18
Simply Red are comming back to Pula

The biggest Britain soul-pop band will sing in Arena in Pula on 5 August within its european tour. The tour is organised because of promotion of their new album «Amplified» which is the continuation of their last years album «Simplified» which was one of tihe top three album sin UK. Their last album «Simplified» is very «simplifed» as it is said in its name. Actually, it is a kind of «best of» edition which contains their best song slike «Something Got Me Started», «Holding back the Years» of «For Yours Babies»….It is tihe second time that Mick Hucknall and his band are comming to Croatia, Pula which atmosphere will make whole event even more special. You can buy tickets for tihe concert from 10 May; tihe price of the ticket is 260 kunas, while tihe price on the day of the concert will be 290 kunas.

01.06.2006. @ 15:41:27
Michael Jackson's come back

After that, Jackson will start his Asian tour. Tihe first concert will be held in Tokyo where Jackson will visit children orphanages and then will continue tour in Singapure, China ans Hong Kong. 47 years old Michael plans to release new album in 2007. Just as a reminder, this king of pop muisic, sold more then 100 million albums only in Japan.

08.05.2006. @ 09:23:37
Johnny Cash

Collection named «Personal File» on double disc contains songs of this deceased country legend which haven't been released so far; there are 49 songs recorded in his home studio in Tennessee during seventees and eightees. The songs belong to different musical styles, from traditional folk through gospel and irish songs and different remakes. Collection «Personal File» will be on the market on 23 May. After that, live album named «Live in Denmark» should be released as well as several others remakes of ash's albums.

08.05.2006. @ 09:22:40

It is still unknown when these songs are going to be ready for the market but it will be very interesting to see whether these musicians and one of the most influent band ever will win new world download charts. Beatles have succeed to resist to development of the modern technology. Especially regarding the issue of digital sale of music – they were selling records, CD-s and singles. However, profit is the factor which controlls the market; in 2005, in the field of digital on-line sale, profit has been incresed to 1.1.billion dollars. Let's go back to Beatles nad thier new album that should be released soon. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr plan to release some songs which haven't been released until now. Their legendary producer Sir George Martin is in charge for remastering and preparation of the material recorded in sixtees, but which has never been finnished and released. These songs will be published this summer on the soundtrack of the circus show from Las Vegas, and after that officially released.

04.05.2006. @ 05:50:55
3 new galleries online

There are 4 new galleries from last 3 concerts and happenings.

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14.04.2006. @ 20:00:35
Lorena in 4th Croatian JESC song selection jury

Lorena was today part of jury which selected songs for this years Croatian JESC preselection. Also presented: Vanna, Boris Novković, Ivica Kostelić and Mladen Kušec.

13.04.2006. @ 15:44:49
Lorena guest on Net TV

13th April Lorena will be guest on Croatian Net TV. She will promote her video clip "Rock baby".

13.04.2006. @ 00:12:04
New OFFice shoes shop

Dino and Lorena signed autographs and promoted new Office shoes shop in Zagreb. During one and half hours many kids bought new shoes with 20% discount.

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29.03.2006. @ 07:36:40
Dino - sinchronising new cartoon

Besides all obligations Dino has these days, he has lended his voice to one nice lion in new cartoon named "Wild". We hop it will be finalised soon so we can go to the cinema and enjoy in it.

14.03.2006. @ 19:45:58
Dino and Lorena in "Nulti sat" on Croatian TV

Dino and Lorena will be the guests of "Nulti sat" on Croatian National TV. The show is dedicated to national selection for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006and Dino and Lorena will, together with Nika, talk about their experiences as well as about their school and daily obligations, free time asn all other things that may beinteresting to Croatian TV audience.

02.03.2006. @ 14:13:05
Guns N' Roses new songs

Frontman of the band Axel Rose announced release of new album named «Chinese Democracy» already few years ago, but release of the new material have been postponed several times. Three new songs, rock song «Better», then the balad «There was a time» as well as retro-rock song «IRS» appear illegaly on internet lately, and the last one from the above mentioned, «IRS» has already appear on top charts of some american radio stations. Manager of Guns, Mr. Merck Mercuriadis, requested to take the songs off the top charts and from illegal interent services. According to available information, album should be officially released until this summer, and due to this new situation, maybe even earlier.

17.02.2006. @ 00:39:47
2 new galleries after relaxed January

Pictures from Lorena 1st CD promotion and from dance group Ballance promotion. The 2nd one was hosted by Lorena and Dino was her star guest.

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16.02.2006. @ 18:44:38
Whitney Houston's come back?

42 years old Whitney has been entertaining medias with her marriage problems as wellas problems with drugs more the with her music. However, her manager Clive Davis announced recording and release of her new material soon. Two third of the new material is already ready, and album should be released this year. Whitney Houston released album «Just Whitney» in 2002 with singles «One pf Those Days» and «Whatchulookinat» which hasn't succeed to repeat the success of the previous album «My love is your Love» from 1998.

16.02.2006. @ 07:43:39
Dino - presenter on traditional ceremony of Večernjakova ruža award

On Sunday, 19th February, 2006, traditional ceremony of Večernjakova ruža award will be held in Boćarski dom in Zagreb. The most successfull persons in the field of music, theathre, film, etc. will be awarded and Dino will be one of presenters. The ceremony will start at 21,15 and will be broadcasted live on Croatian National Television. 

28.01.2006. @ 06:43:38
Franz Ferdinand in Zagreb

They will be the headliners at the open air festival on Šalata. Promotion price of the ticket for the day when Franz Ferdinand will perform will be 230 kunas, until March 1st. After March 1st, the price of the ticket will be 280 kunas.

27.01.2006. @ 22:12:58
Paul Oakland finnished recording of new album

Oakland use to cooperate with numerous of musicians, so he gathered several guests together on the album: the legend of the «old school» Grandmaster Flash, actress Brittany Murphy as well as colleague and musician Pharrell Williams. Oakenfold has finnish musical part of job in 2004 and the rest of the time he spent in searching for good back vocals for his songs. Actress Britanny Murphywas the best choice for the song «Faster Kill Pussycat». Album «Lively Mind» will inherit Oakenfolds album «Bunkka» from 2002 with successful singles «Ready-Steday-Go», «Southern Sun» and «Hypnotised» as well as the single «Starry Eyed Surprise» where he had successful cooperation with Shifty from the band Crazy Town.

27.01.2006. @ 10:16:19
Nelly again No.1

Aftre a few weeks of domination of the same authors, US chart has new no. 1. It is rapper Nelly with new single «grilllz» which is at the same time, his fourth official no. 1! Nelly already has such success with singles «Hor in Here» and «Dilemma» from 2002 as well as with the single «Shake Ya Tailfeather» 2003. New single «Grillz» is the one of four songs which had been included in re-edition of Nellies last two albums «Sweat» and «Suit» which are united on the one disc named «Sweatsuit». We have to mention that guests on ths single are Paul Wall and All & Gipp and single came on the first place from last weeks number 5. No 1. of the American top list of album belongs to Jamie Foxx with his musical genre «Unpredictable» while Mary J. Blige is still very successfully on the second place.

27.01.2006. @ 10:14:47
Kill Bill 2

Quentin Tarantino simply said:»I would like to mount the whole film as one big story. It will come to cinemas, too.» At the same time, he announced release of the special DVD edition. Let us remind you that that film was originally one entiraty, but was devided in two parts for several reasons. The first one was that it was too long for cinema distribution, and the there would be very big difference in genre. All persons who have watched the movie will know what I am talking about. Although some of authors from meadia which published this news were not sure about going to cinema to watch this movie, I have to admit that I would go to cinema without any doubts.

22.12.2005. @ 18:37:54
Lorena's album "Rock baby", released today

Today, 22nd December, Lorena's 1st CD "Rock baby" was released. On CD you can find 10 songs + English version of "Rock baby" and 2 karaoke. In galery you can see the cover, booklet, inlay and label of the CD.

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22.12.2005. @ 18:18:47
5 new galeries from last weekend concerts

Dino performed on 5 concert, while Lorena performed on 3 of them. We traveled a lot this weekend, but it was really fun.

19.12.2005. @ 19:43:34
New kids magazine - "Ribice" (Fishes)

New kids magazine "Ribice"comes to market this week. Dino and Lorena have their own page and are giving their CD's, T-shirts and caps to lucky winners.

14.12.2005. @ 19:55:04
Dino and Lorena - Advent concert on main Zagreb square

The crowd was delighted with their voices and performances and we the concert was recorded with 3 cameras so we expect to have good material for the future video clips. There was a big video wall where Dino and Lorena were presented with hundreds of photos. Their partners and sponsors were also presented on the same wall during the concert.

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07.12.2005. @ 02:25:51
New record on Dino's web site

Last month you broke a new record on Dino's web site with 22.000 visits in last week of November, 55.000 visits during the same month and 4.147.502 hits. Thank you and keep cliking!

07.12.2005. @ 01:05:47
Dino will make his concert on main square in Zagreb

On Tuesday, 13th November, we are planing to make Dino's one hour concert with Lorena and dance group "Step by step".

06.12.2005. @ 18:50:54
Dino performed on 3 concerts in 1 day

Then they mooved to big Sport center to sing in front of 4000 people, where Zagreb city major, Mr. Milan Bandic gave presents to more then 3000 kids. The next performance was on main Zagreb square on wonderful white stage.

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05.12.2005. @ 20:42:06
Lorena recorded her first album

05.12.2005. @ 20:28:15
Dino sinchronizing another American movie

Dino already recorded 3 out of 6 roles for new movie Zathura. Zathura is made by same team that made "Jumanji". Dino is older brother name Vedran and younger brother voice is given by Tin.

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26.11.2005. @ 12:29:49
Lorena, tonight is your night!

Tonight, Lorena will perform in big final on 3rd JESC in Hasselt. On last rehearsal on friday she was relaxed and performed very well. Keep going and the last word is in hands of voters.

24.11.2005. @ 17:15:04
Dino and Lorena in Red carpet

Dino and Lorena interviewed in Belgian TV Red carpet .

23.11.2005. @ 03:22:36
Dino's latest interview for junioreurovision


22.11.2005. @ 11:32:01
1st rehearsal on the JESC stage


Prva proba

First rehearsal


Ethias arena and the stage look impressive; a hundreds of reflectors, stage in several levels, big monitors..... Belgians definitely decided to make big audio and visual spectacles ! Lorena performed her songs 5-6 times and was excellent. She will practise until Saturday and improve some details in order to adjust to stage and light.

After rehearsal, Lorena and Croatian TV team went to Liege to record a «postcard» which will be on TV before her performance on Saturday.

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21.11.2005. @ 11:29:29
Arrival to Hasselt to 3rd JESC

21.11. 2005.

Departure from Zagreb, flight to Bruxelles, arrival and accomodation in Radisson Hotel in Hasselt and welcome party

Small delegation of Croatian TV and Lorena's family took the flight of Croatia Airlines at 9.05 directly for Bruxelles. Belgian TV team welcomed us already at the Bruxelles Airport and Lorena and Dino gave them first interviews. Bus took us to newly opened hotel Radisson in very center of Hasselt. Everything is well organised so we were accomodated in beatiful rooms already at 13.00 hrs. After short brake, we went for a short tour of the nice town that remindes us of Samobor, small town near Zagreb.

After return to the hotel, we went to a welcome party together with other members of our delegation. We met people we already know from other international festivals; couple Fugaru with Lorena's and Dino's friend Alina, representing Romania, Nicholas – boy from Denmark, Greek girl Kalli, Denis from Macedonia, etc. Hosts of the final competition were there to present every performer and their flag.

Everything was very nice, childy and with a lot of singing and smiling. The party ended at 21 o'clock when everybody went to bed because we have rehearsals next day early in the morning.

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19.11.2005. @ 08:14:42
Dino and Lorena picked winners in Kids club

Dino and Lorena enjoyed their time in Kids club together with Mrs. Goga, well known to all kids and fans of Kids club. Lovely lady Goga and Dino, Lorena and Bruno got wonderful hour of talk and play in her office.

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19.11.2005. @ 08:09:46
Lorena's last dress rehearsal in Angel

Angel and Lorenas stylist Goran Čižmešija made few great combination for Lorena's stage performance in Hasselt. It's hard to decide which one is the best and you can suggest about it on forum

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15.11.2005. @ 11:25:02
Dino expecting his first Croatian music award "Porin"on Sunday

Nominated for best children album in 2004, Dino will come to Osijek to a big ceremony "Porin" and will wait for his first Croatian Music award. Cross your fingers for him.

15.11.2005. @ 10:57:42
Me on Steve Vai's concert in Zagreb

I am just awake fom my bed and the satisfaction is still in me from last night of this great concert in Zagreb. This was my first live meeting with Steve, and it was gordious. Actually i am big Led Zeppelin fan, but that what i saw last nightit was , i have no words to impress my feelings,great great great. His sense of humour, connection with audience and everthing what Steve has done last night was perfect, and that what he gave us in 4 hour long concert i will never forget. Such solos, art of playing his guitar is incredible.

Thank you Steve and we all are hopping you will come back to zagreb soon and we will enjoy in your art of playing your guitar!


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10.11.2005. @ 23:51:36
Links to Lorena's web site and Eurovision Croatia site



10.11.2005. @ 19:42:36
Dino and Lorena on 4th edition of Ucilica promotion

On Monday, 10 November, on INFO fair within the Zagreb fair, the new, forh edition of popular and unique Croatian PC programme for studing and testing pupils knowlegde – Učilica has been promoted. Its author is Company Markotel from Zagreb.

Dino and Lorena gave their voices to animated boy and girl who guide the players through the game.

Dino said: New «Ucilica» is great, there are so many new elements and it has also been made in 3D! I have to tell my friends that I have alredy tried it! It's a pity that I have to go to school now….» Dino couldn't leave so called «Knowledge meter», so he and Lorena almost got late for school!

Many people and pupils from all parts of Croatia were on INFO fair today. They all wanted to try new «Učilica». Besides the parts that were on CD last year, there are some new ones: Emotional intelligence, the House of Health, Religion culture, the Game of moving into the Country of Knowledge as well as even more modern game «Investigate Croatia». One separate CD have been made for each school grade. We hope it will be helpful to all pupils!!!!!

07.11.2005. @ 08:04:56
Vanja - "Papageno" gave a wheel chair to 15 year old handicaped boy

In order to make Darko happy, Vanja took her daughter Anja, Lorena and Dino with her. When they arrived to Darko’s house, Dino was the last one who entered. When Darko saw him, he said: “Oh my God, Dino Jelusic is in my house!” Dino gave him his CD, cap and stickers and they spent two hours talking about different things. Darko is 15 years old boy who had numerous very difficult surgeries, and at the end, he ended in wheel chair. The old one became too small for him, so he couldn’t move freely. He is especially talented for informatics and mathematic; we hope we will be able to make him happy in future again. And our dear Vanja, the person with big heart and soul, we just simply tell you – thank you very much!

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28.10.2005. @ 06:13:14
Croation promotion of Disney's "Sharkboy & Lavagirl"

Croation promotion of Disney's "Sharkboy & Lavagirl" will be held in Zagreb this Sunday with presence of all Croatian "actors"

19.10.2005. @ 16:59:53
Lorena to sing 3rd on JESC 2005

At a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, Maureen Louys and Marcel Vanthilt, the two hosts of the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest, presented the order of appearance of the songs to be performed in this year’s contest, now featuring 16 countries instead of 17. 

19.10.2005. @ 09:41:28
Film Fest Warsaw Awards

FilmFest Wrszawa Awards show has taken place, awards given.

The Grand Prix award - for the best newcomer movie, of the 21st International Warsaw Film Festival, went to a croatian director Ognej Sivilic for the movie "I'm sorry for kung-fu", on saturday. A shot from the movie "I'm sorry for kung-fu". The awarded picture was one of 15 movies which raced for the newcomer award. The contestants were carefully examined by a jury, under the supervision of Pawel Pawlikowski. "I'm sorry for kung-fu" is a story about a young croatian woman, who returns from Germany to her home village, after the war. There, her traditional family has to face their own traditions and beliefs: their daughter has bore an asian-looking child. Ognjen Sivilic was born in 1971 in Croatia. He attended the Drama Academy in Zagreb. "I'm sorry for kung-fu" is his second full length picture. The jury has appreciated his "turning a complicated situation of the characters into a simple, yet moving story.

12.10.2005. @ 17:16:56
Dino & SCH on Ambienta

On the “Ambienta” fair, on Saturday, 15th October, Dino will sign autograph card and balones on the stand of his partner “Schachermayer”. They will together organise several prize competitions for Dino’s fans and they will give nice prizes. The stand is located in pavilion no. 7, at the entrance.

12.10.2005. @ 12:14:36
Dino on new Harry Potter promotion

Program will start at 21 hrs on Friday, 14th October, in front of “Algoritam” in Gajeva street. Dino’s performance will start around 22.00 hrs and will last around minutes. The sale of the new “Harry Potter” book will start after the program, aruond midnight.

12.10.2005. @ 00:58:55

It was a humongous gathering. Sting performed songs from The Police albums and his own solo albums. We also got some surprises. One of the greatest concerts in the history of Warsaw is behind us. The Warsaw Race Track is lucky to hold such events. Events that are great in size, as well as importance. The first fans appeared at Sluzewiec even before noon. They came from all over Poland. The hero of the day was of course Sting. He showed up on stage around 9 p.m. He takes along with him only a basic rock squad, which consists only of two guitars and a drums. Those same people supported him on the Warsaw stage. They started off in a heavier tone. "Message in a Bottle" and "Spirits in the Material World" from The Police archives were played first, later came the movie theme from "Demolition Man". It may be that most of the fans waited to see a calmer side of Sting. But they soon had to admit, that in spite of him turning well over 50, the singer is still in great shape, even when it comes to dynamick, rock repertoire. Toned down numbers came though, only shortly after the heavy beginning. And that's how it went up untill the very end. Wonderful dynamics, great concert drama in exchange for the acceptance of the crowd.

11.10.2005. @ 20:20:26

Bon Jovi were the last band to appear at the old Stadium in 2000 and this week the lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi said: "The band and I are looking forward to performing at the new Wembley and creating new memories with our fans. Its going to be an incredible night."

Wembley Stadium is committed to bringing the best and most exciting music acts from around the world to the Stadium. Further details of next year's concerts will be announced once the artists have been confirmed.

The band's promoters will be starting to sell tickets for the Bon Jovi concert to the general public from tomorrow.

27.09.2005. @ 01:20:55
Dino on 3rd birthday of King cross and on Fair of possibilities

He sang 8 songs and his guest, sister Lorena performed with 3 songs. 2 days before they performed Fair of possibilities, organised by Police. The Fair is organised to show what kind of possibilities kids have in our city, introducing different sports and sport clubs, dance clubs... The organiser offered to Dino to perform on next 15 Fairs they will organise in primary schools in Zagreb.

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21.09.2005. @ 23:42:58
Dino = Sharkboy

He enjoyed recording very much and can hardly wait to see the movie in cinema. Also, he would like to make some other movies soon. In this film he also sang a short song.

10.09.2005. @ 08:26:19


After the reunion and release of “Start From The Dark” album in 2004 “Europe” was on mega world tour of 100 gigs. Recently they finished mixing material for the concert DVD and soon they will start preparations for the next album.

The material for DVD was recorded on 15 November 2004 during the concert at London’s “Hammersmith Apollo”.

On the official website the musicians thank their fans for the huge support during the tour. “If everything goes to plan we will record and release the new CD in 2006. Which means we could be on the road next autumn or early 2007. Let's hope so.” the musicians say.


09.09.2005. @ 11:56:19
Caroline Tatara in Greek JESC preselection

Dino and Caroline met in Sydney after Dino's bigest and best concert on Australian tour this year. Caroline & her family invited Dino to visit them and he did it just for 30 minutes because of  scheduled flight to Adelaide. Congratulation Caroline. We keep our fingers crossed for you.

09.09.2005. @ 03:57:09
Notebook Koncar Dino

        Price for fan club             Original price

             members                    Končar Inem      

Dino A    6.477,10 kn               7.196,78 kn
Dino B    7.575,10 kn               8.416,78 kn
Dino C    8.508,40 kn               9.453,78 kn

Dino A

Intel Celeron M 1.4GHz/400, RAM 512 MB, HD 40 GB, DVD/RW, TFT 15,2', Win XP Home
Dino B

Intel Pentium M 1.6GHz/400, RAM 512 MB, HD 60 GB, DVD/RW, TFT 15,2', Win XP Home
Dino C

Intel Pentium M 1.6GHz/400, RAM 512 MB, HD 80 GB, DVD/RW, TFT 15,2', Win XP Pro

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06.09.2005. @ 03:52:47
McCartney to fly fans to NYC

The star will launch the competition at a special event taking place at HMV Oxford Circus in London on September 15.

To celebrate the release of his new album ’Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’, McCartney will be appearing in a screening of three songs from the LP at the record store, marking the first time these tracks have been seen or heard live.

Following the performance, the former Beatle will announce a number. The person wearing the wristband with this number on will win two tickets to see the singer soundcheck and perform a show at Madison Square Garden on either September 30, October 1, 4-5 with flights and accommodation included.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of the wristbands pre-order ’Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’ from hmv.co.uk and you will be automatically entered into the prize draw.

If you enter and do not win a wristband for the event, you will get access to watch the three tracks online as a stream on paulmccartney.com for a limited period of 12 hours via an emailed digital ticket from 9pm on September 15.

’Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’ is released on September 12.

02.09.2005. @ 17:39:19
Spancirfest Vindiland

Except singing, they both played different games with kids, jumping on trampoline and climbing on free climbing wall. After the show it was a nice walk through that beautifull baroque city.

· pogledajte galeriju

02.09.2005. @ 04:18:26

It was a festival and performance to remember! Along with UB40 and Ronan Keating, Dino was the only foreign performer at that 4 days’ event.

Langeland festival has a 25 years’ tradition with the participation of many world famous stars, and this year, together with tens of Danish performers, three foreign performers were invited: UB40, Ronan Keating and Dino. We set off on 1800 km trip from Zagreb with our Honda CRV, accompanied by our dearest neighbour Igor. While Igor and Dino’s dad changed by the wheel, Dino was playing on his brand new “Konćar Dino” laptop and the main game played was “Warcraft”. Journey from Zagreb to Lübeck in Germany was 1400 km and took about 15 hours. In Lübeck we were met by our friend Camerun Wolf Dahl and we stayed at his Game Shop. The man making Star Wars costumes waited for us in one of them. It was an imitation of a costume from the popular series which cost about 25 000 Euro, but the price of the original costume is about $ 250 000. In this small nice town we slept and the next morning, together with Camerun, we headed for Danish island Langeland, where the big 4 days’ festival was about to kick off. The 400 km trip took 5 hours and we had to put up with a big temperature change, rains, fog, sun, storm. We only missed the snow!

At the hotel we were greeted by the team from Christopher management, who took us to the place of festival. The place was a huge area by the sea surrounded by several organized camps. Inside the festival place were found lots of tents and stands with all possible food and drinks, souvenirs and lots of other things. Apart from 8 main stages there were also 10 other stages, the biggest of which, tented, could hold 8000 people. There we watched the performance of the band “Led Zeppelin jam” and the remaining three days there also performed (among others) such bands as “ZZ top jam”, “Pink Floyd jam” and “Robbie Williams jam”. The bigger part of the festival place was for kids and they could do lots of things such as craftwork, artwork, car fixing etc. There was also a big swimming pool with several trampolines, carting tracks and a special tented stage with space for 2000 kids and an ongoing kids programme. The sign of the festival was a giraffe so everything was painted and decorated as giraffes. After checking out the whole place, which took us a lot of time because it was so big, we went backstage to have dinner. There we were told that we’d just missed Ronan Keating so we went to his dressing room which would be Dino’s the next day. There we got to know this popular Irish singer, ex-member of “Boyzone” band, Dino and Ronan took some time and talked about music and Dino gave him his CD and a cap. Dino was glad as it turned out that Ronan had actually heard about him and he even sang a few tacts of Ti si moja prva ljubav in Croatian. Then Ronan went on stage and gave 90 minutes’ concert together with a great band and backing singers, with whom he performed “We’ve got tonight”. Great audience, great sound, superb lights, nothing could have been better. Dino had to wait for the next day when it was his turn to show his best.

Next morning we had a problem – it was raining. However, since Dino had already been on an open-air tour in Denmark , he knew the concert would begin in spite of bad weather and a great crowd would come anyway. The rain stopped quickly, the sun came out and after a short sound check everything was ready. Dino changed clothes, posed for some photos with the visitors with backstage passes and went on stage. He was announced by a very nice and popular host who earlier drove around the festival in a small car calling the audience not to miss the performance of the first Junior Eurovision winner. In this way crowds of children and their parents came quickly by the main stage. Dino started with the remix of his song “Love is all we need” called “Just clap your hands- remix”. He went on with his winning song performed first in Croatian and then in English. When it came to “Princess of rock’n’roll” the audience sang refrain with Dino. For that little bit older part of the audience Dino performed “Show Must Go On” by Queen. Two other songs were “Doctor” and “My life is rock’n’roll” and one more time as an encore “Ti si moja prva ljubav”. Audience was really happy with Dino’s show and rewarded him with a long applause and big interest in Dino’s merchandise – caps, t-shirts, badges and signed cards. An hour later Dino gave one more show in the tented stage for 2000 kids, performing three songs and again for about one hour he signed autographs and posed for photos.

The management team who had brought Dino (and Ronan Keating) to the festival were very pleased with Dino’s performance: “It was a great show!” – they said. . We had lunch together and then headed back to Croatia . We knew it would be a very long trip but we had lots of energy after Dino’s great show and festival prepared by about 5000 people, with performances of Danish singers and UB40, Ronan Keating and Dino as the only foreign performers.

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30.08.2005. @ 14:30:25
Jean Michel-Jarre in Poland

The concert was organised in Gdansk shipyard, the cradle of the freedom movement in Poland . That night the sky over Gdansk was light up wirh giant reflectors and over a ton of fireworks. At the beginning a big photo was taken of all people gathered in the shipyard to see the concert. Jean Michel-Jarre entered the stage on a special platform surrounded by shipyard workers wearing yellow helmets and blue overalls. The shipyard walls were included in the stage scenery and they were turned into giant screens. The guest of honour was the legendary founder of the Solidarity movement and a former president of Poland – Lech Walesa.

The preparations for the concert took over two weeks, a group of over 100 technicians from France worked hard to make the show marvelous and unforgettable.

Jean Michel Jarre is a legend among electronic music composers and its pioneer. He is known for creating spectacular outdoor concerts combining his music with huge laser and firework shows. Among his biggest concerts was the concert in Paris in July 1990 with 2,5 million of people, which entered the Guinnes Book of Records for the largest crowd in an outdoor event.

The artist did not take any money for the concert in Poland which was calculated to 1.4 mln EUR.

30.08.2005. @ 05:06:59
Spancirfest Varazdin

Dino and Lorena performed on wonderfull traditional Varazdin festival - Spancirfest, as promotors of Neckermans Kids club.

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29.08.2005. @ 23:59:56
Net TV concert in Podgaric

Dino and Lorena performed on a concert named Pop corn in Podgaric. Unfortunately, the rain droped down number of visitors which was expected about 5000.

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14.08.2005. @ 18:19:53
Langeland festival

The story from a 5 day trip and festival performance will come as soon as possible. At the moment you can enjoy the picture gallery.

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13.08.2005. @ 22:13:51
Dino with band on stage

Dino performed as special guest on Hypo leasing summer tour in Novi Vinodolski. First he sang two of his songs and then peformed live with band with 4 rock classics: "Tush" by ZZ top, "Summer of 69" by Brian Adams, "Fool for your lovin'" Whitesnake and duet with their singer "It's only love". Dino in his element. There was also a girl band name "Angels" that performed and they are really good. Maybe in future...

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27.07.2005. @ 01:24:35
1st Lorena's web site


is address of Lorena's 1st web site made by Mark Andrews. Tanks Mark.

19.07.2005. @ 21:04:36
Dino became "Goodfather" of new Koncar laptop

It can be delievered in 3 different configurations and all membars of fan club can buy it with 10% discount. Configuration of all models as well all prices will be listed soon here.

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14.07.2005. @ 23:16:23

But Coldplay's new album, X&Y, has sent the band into the top echelon of touring rock stars; two shows at London's Crystal Palace drew 80,000 people, and two concerts at Glasgow's Bellahouston Park had 50,000.The quartet will play mostly amphitheaters in the 15,000-to-35,000-fan range per city. Though the Rolling Stones, U2 and Paul McCartney are expected to be blockbuster tours, Alex Hodges, executive vice president of House of Blues Concerts, says Coldplay rank right behind them, along with Green Day, Jimmy Buffett and Tom Petty."As far as being the biggest band in the world, who's to say?" says Dave Holmes, Coldplay's manager. "Like any artist, they just want to have a long career." Says Buckland, "It really is as cheesy as this -- we aspire to be good. Wherever that takes us, we'll go, if it takes us to stadiums or back to clubs or playing toilets."             sTeLiCh

08.07.2005. @ 08:23:25
Luther Vandross

One of the leading romantic singers of his generation, he sold 25 million albums and won dozens of awards. Even after his stroke in 2003, he kept recording, winning four Grammys for his final album Dance With My Father. Tributes from stars such as Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson poured in after his death, at the JFK Medical Centre in New Jersey, was announced.Singer Roberta Flack paid tribute to her friend of more than 20 years in a telephone call from Japan. "He was a musician who couldn't help but give you all he had," she said. "He was the kind of guy who was born to do what he did musically and let the world know about it. He was not born to keep it smothered in the chest."        sTeLiCh

03.07.2005. @ 23:52:49
Lorena winner of Croatian Junior Eurovision preselection

Dino's sister Lorena won the 3rd Croatian Junior Eurovision preselection with her song "Rock baby". See you in Belgium.

01.07.2005. @ 06:06:51
Dino in Rally champion car

Dino took part in promotion of new rally champion car that won last race in Ina Delta Rally in Zagreb. He was driven by Croatian rally champion Jura Šebalj who also participated in few World Rally Championship races in 2003. He was delighted with driving skills of our champion who droved him through curves with 190 km/h.

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30.06.2005. @ 00:27:05
New web record!!!

We have a new web record on Dino's site with over 3 million clicks / month. Thank's to all of you, the record was achieved today, 29th June.

21.06.2005. @ 12:57:50
Colplay interview

There are lights of all shapes and sizes and colors in Times Square, neon and fluorescent and hi-def digital, all constantly running in horizontal and vertical trajectories, all urgently blooming and disappearing — and all trying to sell you something. The whole effect is dizzying and loud and a bit surreal, kind of like being inside the world's largest pinball machine. There are many adjectives that could be used to describe the everyday scene here; subtle is not one of them.

And yet, sitting in a chair overlooking all this, dressed in black cargo pants and a black button-up (the same outfit he would wear on "Saturday Night Live" three days later), is probably the most subtle frontman working today: Coldplay's Chris Martin, and he looks strangely at ease in these surroundings. Actually, he looks largely catatonic — blue eyes glazed over, four days' worth of stubble on his face, lips creased in an angular, weary smile — which belies his true purpose for being here: Chris Martin has something to say.

In less than three weeks, Martin and the rest of Coldplay — guitarist Jon Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion — will release X&Y, their third album of bombastic, sensitive-guy rock. Today is a press day, which means Martin will answer questions about the album, smile his way through inquiries into his personal life and raise his left hand innumerable times. On the back of that hand, he's drawn two black horizontal lines and accentuated them with rings of blue and red tape on his index and middle fingers. It's the iconography synonymous with Make Trade Fair, the international organization aimed at ending Third World debt through equal trade, which Martin has made his cause celeb.

Today Martin isn't focused on selling records (those will sell themselves); he's pitching poverty relief. And it's no wonder he appears somewhat at home amidst all these light-up adverts: With his quiet mannerisms, good looks and superhuman politeness, Chris Martin is a killer salesman.


"Anyone who criticizes me for talking about fair trade is really a few pebbles short of a beach, because everybody should care about it, just like everyone should care about the environment: because we all live here," he says with a smile.

Would you buy a car from this man? If you're one of the 17 million people around the world who've bought his records, then the answer is probably "yes." It's not so much Martin's pitch as it is his "kill 'em with kindness" approach. It's certainly worked with Coldplay's music (which is nothing if not nice), and for the past two years — ever since Coldplay became a global sensation, ever since he married actress Gwyneth Paltrow, ever since he named his daughter Apple — Martin has been working to apply that method to his dual roles of superstar and international goodwill ambassador. Martin is no longer just a frontman. He's the 21st century version of Young Bono: a firebrand speaking for those who have no voice, a musician seeking to right generations of wrongs, a mouthpiece, a pistol, a firecracker, a megaphone.

Except, unlike the upstart Bono of 25 years ago, Chris Martin isn't any of those things. You won't catch him writing protest songs or waving giant white flags during shows. His brand of activism seems limited to his left hand (and often his T-shirt). He's not trying to ruffle feathers or rage against the machine. Basically, Martin is trying to change the world without pissing off a soul. And it just might work.

"I can understand skeptics who say, 'Why is a singer talking about this?' But we talk about fair trade because we've seen how it can affect people," Martin says. "If we worked in a library and we'd seen it, we'd be talking about it too."

And when you think about it, when was the last time you heard Bono compare himself to a librarian? It's just something frontmen/humanitarians don't do. It just doesn't seem to add up. But then, neither does Chris Martin. And neither do Coldplay, for that matter.

— by James Montgomery, with reporting by John Norris

17.06.2005. @ 13:03:40
Tom Cruise Proposes To Katie Holmes At Eiffel Tower

So much for the whole thing being a publicity stunt. After a whirlwind two-month romance played out mostly in front of the cameras, Tom Cruise popped the question to girlfriend Katie Holmes.

Thankfully, there was no word of jumping up and
down. According to reports, the actor did it in style, presenting a ring to his beloved at the top of the Eiffel Tower on Friday morning (June 17).

With both actors in Paris to promote their respective summer blockbusters, Cruise confirmed the joyous news at a press event early Friday morning with a simple, "Yes, I proposed to her. It was early this morning at the Eiffel Tower, so I haven't slept at all. Today is a magnificent day for me; I'm engaged to a magnificent woman."

Also magnificent, apparently, was the "massive" diamond ring on the finger of Holmes, according to The Associated Press. The "Batman Begins" actress, who grew up with a poster of Cruise on her bedroom wall and dreams of marrying the "Top Gun" actor, was described as smiling and blushing as Cruise turned to look at her during the press event for his engagement/movie "War of the Worlds."

Why the Eiffel Tower, other than the fact that Paris was a junket stop for the Steven Spielberg-directed remake of the famous H.G. Wells novel? "I've never been to the Eiffel Tower," said Cruise, 42. "It's Paris, it's a beautiful city, it's very romantic."

No date has been set yet for the wedding, which will be Cruise's third, and the first for Holmes, 26, who was previously engaged to "American Pie" actor Chris Klein. "Dawson's Creek" actress Holmes, who was raised Catholic, has reportedly embraced Scientology, the controversial religion practiced by Cruise.

The actor has said that the religion founded by late science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard has helped him overcome crippling dyslexia, but his recent spate of pronouncements about Scientology's benefits and slamming of actress Brooke Shields over her use of psychiatric drugs to help with postpartum depression have led some to believe that the box-office behemoth is damaging his career.

His unbridled public ebullience over the Holmes relationship — which included a now-infamous visit to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in which he bounced up and down on the couch and slapped the floor while pledging his love to the actress — has also led some to question whether the affair was for real.

But both actors have repeatedly denied that the relationship is part of a publicity campaign for their movies.

Holmes did not talk to reporters during the Paris news conference, but according to the AP, at one point Cruise whispered "Are you OK?" to the actress. The pair were ushered into a car after the brief Paris appearance in order to motor to another promo event in southern France.

This report is from MTV News.

17.06.2005. @ 12:56:48
Hot news!

Welcome to our new special news section category. Stay tuned for hot news from music, sports and more!

16.06.2005. @ 23:47:02
Dino on the press conference on the ocassion of Croatian JESC

On June 17, 2005, the press conference organised on the occasion of  Croatian JESC will take place in Zagreb. Besides organisers, people from Program for Children from Croatian TV, Dino and Nika and Vanna and Gobac (famous Croatian singers) will be there. We do hope you will enjoy watching the show i nwhich where Dino and his sister Lorena will try to give their best.

15.06.2005. @ 15:54:15
Voting for Dino's song "Ti si moja prva ljubav"

For the final show of "Studio 10", the televoting is open until Saturday 18th June at 12 o'clock. You can vote for Dino's song "Ti si moja prva ljubav" which he sang together with Nika and won 11th studio 10 show.  Number for voting is 060 55 77 55 and after that 011. Thanks.

15.06.2005. @ 15:32:09
2 new galleries - from Usora and Daruvar

14.06.2005. @ 17:48:53
Strong attack to our server

We surrvived a huge 1 - day attack to our server and we appologise for 1 day without Dino's web site and all other features. Thank you.

07.06.2005. @ 18:20:48
Dino in Denmark again

Dino will perform again in Denmark on big international 3 day festival on Langeland together with UB 40 and Ronan Keating. More info about this festival on http://www.langelandsfestival.dk/program.html

31.05.2005. @ 17:16:14
Dino will host the presentation of new project of Ministry of education

Dino will host the presentation of a new project made by Dino will host the presentation of a new project made by Ministry for education and sport called HNOS. Between 900 hundred invited guest there should be also Croatian president Mr. Stipe Mesić, Prime minister Mr. Sanader, President of Croatian Parliament Mr. Šeks and Minister of education and sport Mr. Primorac. Dino will also perform his winning song.

30.05.2005. @ 09:13:24
2 new galleries

2 new galleries from this weekend events online. The pictures from another 2 events are not good quality so we have to, unfortunately, skip their galleries.

30.05.2005. @ 09:11:42
New video clip online

Dino's live performance from Danish TV show "Boom boom" is online. Enjoy!

23.05.2005. @ 18:34:16
3 new galeries!

There are 3 new galeries and very soon there will be new video with Dino's performance on Danish TV show "Boom boom", thanks to Randeem.

18.05.2005. @ 22:08:32
Dino's video clips on web site

As of today, you can watch Dino's video clips on the web site. Just click on the video you would like to see, and that's it!!!

05.05.2005. @ 09:29:05

22.04.2005. @ 13:52:15
Dino on Saturday in Slovenia again

The show will be recorded and broadcasted at 19,00 same day as well as on some other TV stations in Slovenia during next week.

08.04.2005. @ 04:20:39
Dino and Nika on Angel fashion show

Dino and Nika will sing as a guests on Angel fashion show in Bocarski dom on Saturday, 09th April. Each of them will sing one song.

06.04.2005. @ 18:15:01
Dino was in "Studio 10" today - GALERY

After 3 hours of waiting, Dino finaly went on the stage to perform song "Sanja". In studio he met his friends, very popular Croatian singers and made few photos.

06.04.2005. @ 14:37:33
Dino was a guest on Slovenian TV show - GALERY

"Cena slave" ("Price of fame"), broadcasting:

RTS - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

TV Paprika - Thursday, Sunday

Idea TV - Sunday

TV Primorka - Sunday

05.04.2005. @ 10:18:43
Dino & Stela on festival "Kukuricek" - GALERY

Dino sang 5 songs and he didn't start the concert as usual with a fast one. The first song was "My prayer which he dedicated to Pope. After My prayer he continued with My life, Dr, Angel eyes and Ti si moja prva ljubav. Now he receives about 30 mails daily just from Djurdjevac. Stela played flute and sang her song together with Nina who also sang and played chelo. The song is very nice, composed by Stela's mum Edita, aranged by Stela's father Darko who won the award for best arangement and the name of the song is "Where goes this world". Bravo Stela. Wish you good luck for Croatian Jesc this year.

04.04.2005. @ 05:07:24
Dino again in Studio 10

This week Dino will again perform in Studio 10 and will sing song "Sanja" originaly performed by "Novi fosili". The show will be broadcasted on Saturday 09th April.

01.04.2005. @ 17:46:17
Dino guest on TV Slovenia

Dino will appear in TV show "Price of fame" on Slovenian TV as guest with 1 song and interview on 05th April.

29.03.2005. @ 19:32:51
Dino's video on TV

Today, Croatian national TV and Net TV promoted Dino's new video "Ti si sve" (Angel eyes). Dino also made 2 interviews for Net TV in city Kutina today. New video is already on TV charts now as well as the song on several radio top charts.

24.03.2005. @ 06:33:08
Another video promotion - this time in Rijeka

26th March 2005. at 12,00 o'clock in Dallas music shopu in Rijeka, another promotion of new video "Ti si sve" will be held in front of  journalists, TV and radio and fans. Dino will sign autographs and Dallas & Angel will award first 10 buyers of Dino's CD with new designed Dino T-shirt. 

20.03.2005. @ 15:42:17
Dino & Lorena on humanitarian concert (Galery)

Dino & Lorena sang on "Pisanica", humanitarian concert for kids with special needs, held in Krapinske toplice. Lorena opened her appiriance with "Your first girlfriend", continued with Dino's "Rock'n'roll Pepeljuga" when Dino joined her on the stage. Dino continued with My life, Angel eyes i Ti si moja prva ljubav. On rehearsal, Dino's wireless microphone flew from the stand while he was jumping around the stage with it. It stoped working and we hope the organizers will be able to fix it. Sorry organizers.

18.03.2005. @ 21:38:56
Promotion of new video (Galery)

19th March 2005. at 11,00 o'clock in Dallas music shopu in Cakovec, a promotion of new video "Ti si sve" was held. A lot of journalists were presented as well as TV and radio stations. Dino signed a lot of autographs and Dallas & Angel awarded Dino CD buyers with new designed Dino T-shirt. Everybody was delighted with the video.

13.03.2005. @ 18:15:31
Dino made a new video for the song "Angel eyes" - galery

09.03.2005. @ 18:10:43
Dino is nominated for Croatian music award

Dino is nominated for Croatian music award "Porin" in category - best kids album, for his album "No.1". It was anounced today in hotel Sheraton and Dino was one of hosts and he read nominations in 2 categories. In his categorie there is also album from Croatian JESC 2004 and "Klinci s Ribnjaka" - a kids choir album.

09.03.2005. @ 12:12:34
Dino nominated for "Porin"

In the hotel "Sheraton" in Zagreb, the nominees for the discograph award for the year 2004 has been announced today. Dino has been nominated for discograph award "Porin" in the category "The best album for children". The other nominees in his category are quire Klinci s Ribnjaka and Junior Eurosong (Croatia). 

07.03.2005. @ 19:15:32
Problems with forum

After hackers atacked our forum, we came back very quickly with a lot of saved posts. Sorry for incovinience. We are doing our best to protect forum and everything else on Dino's - your site.

04.03.2005. @ 18:47:49
Dino selected as "the best" in all Eurosong categories he was nominated!

On the web site http://www.esconnet.dk/awards.htm Dino won in all categories he was nominated after 2 months of voting. Thank's again to all my faithful fans and voters!

03.03.2005. @ 07:33:31
Dino won in 4 out of 6 categories on Casperworld

On the biggest children web site Casperworld, Dino won in 4 out of 6 categories. He won in the category the best youngstar singer, the best youngstar album, the best newcomer and the best music video category and was second in categories for the best youngstar song and the best youngstar live performance. Thanks to all fans who voted for me.

27.02.2005. @ 20:22:02
Australia - Brisbane - new galery (part 4)

24.02.2005. @ 16:09:40
Australian tour - picture galery - part 3

23.02.2005. @ 19:48:37
Dino guest on "Parni valjak" concert

Dino was singing 2 songs on humanitarian concert with famous Croatian rock band "Parni valjak", the band that will celebrate 30 years of work soon.

19.02.2005. @ 20:56:15
Dino & Nika won the "Studio 10" TV Valentine's show!

With a huge advantage in front of other compatitors, Dino & Nika won the "Studio 10" Valentine's show with Dino's song "Ti si moja prva ljubav"! They will also sing in final show that will take place in Arena, Pula, probably on 2nd June 2005.

11.02.2005. @ 13:39:54
Dino & Nika in "Nulti sat"

Dino and Nika were the guests of the TV show "Nulti sat " on the second programme of the national TV. They were talking about themselves and their music, about how it is to be well known and famous, about reactions of their friends and teachers in the school as well as their plans for future.

09.02.2005. @ 12:24:19
Dino & Nika in TV show

Saturday, 12th February on Croatian TV -  TV show "Studio 10", Dino & Nika are singing together Dino's song "Ti si moja prva ljubav" as a duet. This edition of "Studio 10" is dedicated to Valentine's day and only duets will perform. This is the first occasion that 2 Croatian winners will sing on the same stage the same song. Basicly, the duet was planed Dino with Claudia (former Croatian ESC winner) but as she canceled, Nika was invited as subsitute.

08.02.2005. @ 18:12:10
Dino tour

We began with Dino's 1st Croatian tour organization. The tour will be held during March, April and May across Croatia. The provisional schedule will be released soon.

07.02.2005. @ 12:49:05
Fan club update

Today, the fan club is updated. Sorry for the delay.

06.02.2005. @ 14:25:21
Dino was the guest of the Festival "Radost u pjesmi" (Joy in song)

On 5th February 2005, Dino was the guest of the Festival "Radost u pjesmi" in Donj Dubrava in Međimurje. There were 20 competitors and the winner was a boy Jerko who was singing Dino's song "Ti si moja prva ljubav". The hall was full of children and fans who have supported all performers as well as Dino who sang 6 songs, and his sister Lorena who sang "Rock'n roll Pepeljuga" together with Dino. As the hall was completely full and as the audience was so good, we are thinking to include DonjaDubrava in our spring tour....

30.11.2004. @ 12:48:34
FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE - promotion of the song and video

Dino, Jacques Houdek, Arsen Dedić and Tony Cetinski have recored new Christmas song named "For all good people". The song will be promoted today (Tuesday) in the program of Family Radio at 19,00 hrs, and the video will be promoted in the program of Z1 as of tomorrow (Wednesday) as well as in the program of the National TV on Thursday (Good morning, Croatia) in the morning.

23.11.2004. @ 18:36:09
New action for Caritas house

After the first action for the Caritas house in April this year, DINO TEAM have started the similar action with thw purpose to collect food, candies, juices, etc. for the beneficiaries of the Caritas house in Zagreb. The beginning of the action is November 22 and it will last until November 30. All collected stuff will be given to beneficiaries on December 2, 2004.

22.11.2004. @ 18:02:06
Spain won JESC, Croatia on the 3rd place

more text to come soon ...

20.11.2004. @ 05:02:20
Dino and Nika in Lillehammer

After a lot of promotion tasks in Denmark related to the release of his english album «No.1» Dino will be in Lillehammer from Thursday.
The host of this year Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC), Norweign Television invited him as a guest of honour. He is accompanied by his father Dario. Probably everybody knows that Dino won lon the first JESC last year with his song «Ti si moja prva ljubav».

9 years old Nika Turkovic will be Croatian representative on JESC this year.
She was born at June 7th 1995 in Zagreb where she lives with her family.
She likes to listen classic, jazz and pop music.
Her favourite singers are Divas, Nina Badric, Gibonni, Oliver, Pavaroti, Dino Jelusic, Celine Dion and Norah Jones.
Special talents are singing, step dancing, English, Italian and Slovenian language.
When she was 6 y.o. she was singing in TV talent show Turbo Limach Show on national Croatian Television and participated in two TV videos of Croatian group Divas and singer Oliver Dragojevic.
On JESC in Lillehammer Nika will perform her song "Hej mali". She did music and lyrics and Tihomir Preradovic (Dino's music producer) did the arrangement.

Good luck Nika !

· pogledajte galeriju

07.10.2004. @ 13:11:00
New DINO fan club members

All members who had sent their full and correct applications until October 6th have been authorised today and you can find them in DINO fan club adress book.

04.10.2004. @ 15:42:23
SOON: Online streaming of Dino's big Zagreb concert

As we have been informed by the Zagreb local television Z1 which have  recorded and broadcasted Dino's concert in their programme last night, they are thinking to make a live streaming of concert soon. The reason for that is the huge interest of Dino's fans all arround the world.

22.09.2004. @ 21:44:29

Because of bad forecast for this weekend, we mooved the concert to 28th Sept. It will be held on same place - Stadium Šalata.

31.08.2004. @ 12:19:55
Welcome party for golden medal handbal team and silver medal paddle team

Dino sung in front of 50.000 people on Zagreb main square on Olympic golden medal handball team and silver medal paddle team welcome party. It was a huge happening where Dino supposed to sing his winning song “Ti si moja prva ljubav” but before he stepped on the stage the organizers asked him to sing 2 songs. So Dino opened his performance with new single ”My life is rock’n’roll” and finished with whole crowd singing his winning song. After he step of the stage, our triple gold medalist skier Janica Kostelic said few words to handball to the audience and in meantime organizers asked Dino to sing 2 more songs. So he came back singing “Love is all we need” and “Doctor”. After his performance he signed hundreds of autographs and then went to a party, together with praised guests. There he met whole Croatian handball team and brother Skelin who won silver medal and is delighted with their characters. The goalkeeper Šola was one of his favorite while when Dino asked him for an autograph, Šola asked Dino for the same thing. And also Mirza Dzomba recognized Dino and hugged and kissed him. Dino was really surprised.

30.08.2004. @ 14:46:45
Welcome party for Croatian handball team golden Olympic medal

Dino will sing on welcome party for Olympic golden medal Croatian handball team on main square in Zagreb.

24.08.2004. @ 06:23:12
Extended list of countries to release Dino's album "No.1"

Extended list of countries to release Dino's album "No.1":

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech, Russia, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Hong Kong.

The album should be in market at the and of this month.

15.07.2004. @ 15:21:31
New members in DINO fan club

New members which sent their aplications for memmebrship in DINO fan club until today, July 15th were added in adress book.

08.07.2004. @ 15:06:50

The new CD with songs in English is recorded and sent to be released. At the moment the CD will be released in Denmark, Lithuania, Letonia and Estonia. We are still waiting for response from other countries. The CD will have the same name as the Croatian one - "No.1". On CD you will find 10 songs in English, 1 in Croatian ("Ti si moja prva ljubav"), 3 remixes and 5 karaoke. The cover is also a little bit different than on Croatian CD. The CD will be release by Dallas records and under EMI label licence.

07.07.2004. @ 18:42:52
New fan club members authorized

New members of DINO fan club who had sent their full and correct info have been authorized today in adress book area.

19.06.2004. @ 00:00:22
Dino in Zadar

Dino will be a special guest in show programme of the International Children Festival in Zadar (mid Adriatic). Programme will start at 8.00 PM and enterance is free.

15.06.2004. @ 21:16:28
8 new galeries

As of today, 8 new galleries have been placed on Dino's web site. Photographs from eight events which were held before Dino's departure to Denmark are on them. Enjoy!

15.06.2004. @ 20:06:40
Dino is back from Denmark

Dino came back from Denmark tour yesterday. He was singing on 4 big open air concerts and soon you can expect a special, big report about the Aah Abe tour.

02.06.2004. @ 18:26:14
Dino on Aah Abe Denmark tour

03.06.2004. Dino goes to Denmark where he is going to sing in humanitarian tour Aah Abe on 4 open air concerts.

Besides Dino, there will be: B-boys, Shout & Anne.

Concerts will be held as follows

05.06. Odense

06.06. Borkop

12.06. Aarhus

13.06. Copenhagen

Begining of concerts: 12,00 until 16,00

and Dino will be on the stage around 15,00

07.04.2004. @ 03:13:57
First english news


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