Dino is rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal singer who started performing live at the age of 5,5 and received his 1st international award when he was 7. So far, Dino recorded 3 solo albums for Croatian market, 2 (solo) international albums and 2 colab albums. He is playing with his band "The Mad Dogs" and has several side projects either as a singer and composer, either as singer/keyboardist. Dino performed in several musicals and rock operas, always holding the main role. He performed in Scandinavia, Australia, USA, Russia, Italy... The material for next album is composed and partly recorded. Dino came back from big "New wave" festival in Sochi (Russia) with a new win in his pocket and is now in USA touring with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Born: 4th June 1992
Place: Zagreb, Croatia School: Music academy Zagreb, Croatia
1st stage appearance: 1998

Live stage performances: 400+
Composed: 50+ songs + 1 National theatre drama music
Music business awards: youngest performer nominated for Croatian music award (age 11)
13 International festivals – 16 awards
1st album “No.1” released in Croatia + international version released in 13 countries (2004).
2nd album “Living my own life” – released digitaly worldwide (2011).
3rd album “Prošao sam sve” (2014)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Blues, Soul.
Influences: Whitesnake, Alice In Chains, Toto, Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Glen Hughes, Dio, Hardline

Web site: www.dino.hr, www.dino-official.com

Sport: table tennis, skiing, tennis

Dino is composing, playing piano and several other instruments and performing with his band "The Mad Dogs", acoustic guitar performances and solo piano & vocal performances.
More info, including videos, concert pictures and other picture galleries, history, fan club... on www.dino.hr
More videos on http://www.youtube.com/DinoOfficialYT

Over 30 gigs with Mad Dogs
Went to USA for audition - successfully
Went to semifinal of New wave festival in Moscow - selected to 15 participants between 72 international singers
Participating on New wave festival in Sochi - August/September
Was invited to sing in a big French band but has to refuse due before agreed commitments

10 gigs with his support band - promotion of the album “Prošao sam sve”
Tour with Metal Iron in Bosnia and Herzegovina
3 concerts with Made in Iron

National television's New Year's concert at the National Theatre in Zagreb
Performance in the “Swamp club” on 3rd Rock Masacre (Made in Iron feat Dino)
Guest on big concert of legendary group “Ekatarina velika”
45 concerts with his support band
30 acoustic performances.
2nd place in Slavijanski Bazaar festival, Vitebsk 2014.
Release of conceptual album “Prošao sam sve” – selling with book “260 days”.

Composing music for the drama "260 days" for National Theatre in Osijek
Summer tour with his band Performance at Krapina Festival (Došel bum joj v sejne)
Releasing single and video "Shine in the eyes "
Releasing single "City of heroes"

Became an associate member (singer) in Split Rock group "Made in Iron"
10 concerts with "Made in Iron"
50 concerts with his band
The main role in the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat " - Cornerstone Arts
The participation at the festival "Libra"
Project / tour to South Africa Recording the album (international music project) Synkropation
(4 own songs + singing another seven songs,
all in various crossover combinations with known African artists
(Mandoza – rap/kwaito, Wake to wonder - Alternative Rock,Yvette Bernard - rock ballads,
Alter & Irving - blues and country, Dilana – American rock)).
During his stay in South Africa, Dino performed in rock opera "David's confession,"
and "Crazy diamond" as well as his solo concerts supported by top South African musicians

Recording the album " Living my own life " in Australia and Sweden and released digitaly
Comeback Concert in "Boogaloo" club
Releasing single and video for song "Rain"
Releasing single "I’m not getting over you"
Writing song "I survived" by the book "260 days",
releasing single
50 gigs with the band
50 acoustic gigs
10 promotions of book "260 days"

Earlier career
List of some performances (2003 – 2005):
"Turbo Limach Show" 1998, 1999 & 2000,
Croatian Eurosong contest 1999 - show programme,
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb,
ATP Challenger Tennis Tournament - Zagreb Open- 1999,
Turbovision TV show – 2001,
1st charity solo concert in Zagreb – 2001,
Main role in a musical in our most famous theatre “Komedija” (Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar),
Solo stadium concert with famous guests, Zagreb 2004,
Festival in Dubrovnik,
Guest star on New York festival in April,
Christmas concert in National Theatre with philharmonic. orchestra,
Ave Maria and Silent night - a duet with opera diva
Golden star festival, Bucharest, Romania – show program,
Big tour through Croatia and Bosnia 2004 – 2005,
Boom Boom - TV show in Denmark 2004,
Norway 2nd JESC guest star,
Aah Abe tour in Denmark 2004
Langeland festival, Denmark 2005,
Tour to Australia, 7 solo concerts, 2004/2005...

Festivals. and results:
1999 INF, Cairo, Egypt, 4th place (5 - 9 years category)
2000, Bjelovar, Croatia, winner by audience, 2nd place by jury
2000, Zagreb, Croatia, McDonalds, winner
2001 INF, Cairo, Egypt, 3rd place (5 - 9 years category)
2001, Figuera da Foz, Portugal, winner
2001, Bucharest, Romania, Golden star festival, Popularity Award & Press Award
2002: Veo-veo, Alicante – Spain
2002, Igea Marina, Italy, Super Grand Prix, winner
2002, Bucharest, Romania, Golden star festival, 3rd prize
2002, Kaunas, Lithuania, winner
2003, INF, Cairo, Egypt, FIDOF award
2003, Zagreb, Croatia, Jesc national perselection, winner
2003, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1st Junior Eurovision song contest, Winner


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