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Dino's win on New wave festival in Sochi

After more than 10,000 registered singers from around the world and after a few levels of preselection, the organizers of the festival "New Wave" in early April invited 72 of them to join semi-final in Moscow.
16 contestants were selected for celebratory 15th edition of one of the largest festival (176 million viewers - 2. The audience after the Eurovision Song Contest).
Of the three songs that are performed in the finals, Dino was able to offer one of his original songs while the soundtrack was 90% choice of the organizer and the duet 100% dictated song because the evening was dedicated to the famous Russian composer Viktor Drobysh.
At the same time, the organizer of each competitor awarded stylist.
It was mainly an aggravating circumstance for the most experienced performers with their own style because it is supposed to be your personality in someone else's skin and the organizers got their vision of production of the show  and got quite a tough stance.
Rehearsals lasted 11 grueling days on which all the performers were present from 11 am to 9 pm.
The mere production of the festival was very high - technology, people and organizations.
The first competition day was opened by Ricky Martin and draw broughtDino the fifth starting position with the song (soundtrack) "Always" by Bon Jovi. From 13 members of the jury, Dino got 9x11 and 4 x 10 points as it placed him to 4th position while only Ukraine's Galina (with the song "Freedom" by Aretha Franklin) received all 13 x 11 points.
There was an evening of duets in which Dino sang with Ivan, this year's Eurovision representative of Belarus and his song "How to Fly". Ivan came to Sochi late afternoon so he and Dino had the opportunity to try out the song just twice. That's why, during their performance, Dino adjusted his vocal in several occasions to get the most of the songs. The performance brought Dino maximum 143 points which also received Galina. Dino is thus raised to the third place, but still 4 points behind the Ukrainian girl, but only one point behind the Italian Walter Ricci.
Third decisive day, when they sang original songs, Dino showed all his talent, not only singing, but it was the only performer who wrote the music and lyrics for his song, but also did arrangement, keyboards and backing vocals .
Although he sang as No. 3 of the day, Dino is only given maximum points, surpassing Galina (which received 5 X10 points) and tying up with the Italian with whom he eventually shared the first place.
The jury consisted of famous Russian composers and singers.
On the last day of the festival, the program was opened by Sting and his band, and Dino, as the winner of the festival, shared the stage with him and thus achieved one of his childhood dreams.
The media have occupied Dino for hours, followed him to the hotel, while people stopped him on the street and at the airport for a signature and a picture with a desire for return to Russia.
Already in the semi-finals in Moscow, Dino and great soul / jazz singer and pianist Walter Ricci became friends, and during his stay in Sochi, in the little free time, sat at the piano in the hotel lounge and played piano improvisations and vocal duets through songs by Elton John, George Michael, Gino Vannellija, Phil Collins .... entertaining the rest of society that occasionally jacked and day by day becoming more compact and more relaxed.
If someone else were to be mentioned, there is Moldovan singer from quintet Brio Sonores - Valeriu, a extremely kind and positive man, Christian, guy from Estonia with whom Dino talked about the world rock scene and the Ukrainian Anastasia, Dino's absolute favorite since the beginning of this festival.
The organizers have organized several events, so that the order of contestants for the second night determined dolphins ball selection, event with opening of Walk of Fame in Sochi where the first set of stars is with the names of the participants, so that now the name of Dino - Croatia is forever imprinted in this beautiful Olympic city.
On the waterfront next to the marina is also set a bronze plate made of elements that each participant made and submitted.
Single performance, but even more the win, opened a huge market of Russia and neighboring countries for Dino, established contacts with their best composers and famous singers, and, when everything will sattle down and pass exams at the Academy of Music, Dino's management will start  talks, agreements and planning.
Father: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wyVF0jA_Gs
Always: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4By8uWM5Zg
Help you fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8XDGDgEleI


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